Much like the Tiefling, I think the Revenant would make for a nice "dark hero". Prolly not a great fit for most adventuring parties, but it would make for an interesting solo campaign. I can see the hooks now. It's interesting to read your thoughts, as you don't seem to be utterly enthused by 4E but you're also not a kneejerk basher.

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Stay Logged On. Results 1 to 9 of 9. Thread: Revenants [4e]. Thread Tools Show Printable Version. Revenants [4e] I'd post something detailed, but I'm about to drop dead from one part exhaustion and one part marathoning Kamen Rider Den-O. You no longer need to eat, drink, or breathe, so you never need to make Endurance checks to resist the effects of starvation, thirst, and suffocation.

You are no longer considered a living creature. They also get to count as a single race for the purpose of feats, paragon paths, and epic destinies, though if they call for a power or specific racial ability in question you have to take the [Race] Soul feat and hope it has what you're looking for. In addition, if you hit 0, you can choose to reain concious till you roll a death saving throw. If you do, however, you can take a standard action before attempting the DST They also get a buncha death saving throw related feats.

There's an epic feat that gives you two uses of this. Also remember the bit about soul feats? You can use your racial encounter OR that race's racial power per encounter. Now that I'm done spoiling half the race in vagueish words I rather like the race myself mechanically and fluffwise, it's not bad either. S: My strength have made you cry!

Wipe your tears with this! Last edited by Sir Homeslice; at AM. Re: Revenants [4e] How's the flavor on these guys? Generally, we think of Undead as evil, or at least less than good. Where did they come from? What's their society like? What motivates them now that they're dead ish? If a cleric fires off Turn Undead near one of these guys, do they have to flee as well? Halbert's Cubicle - Wherein I write about gaming and. Re: Revenants [4e]. Originally Posted by Hal. How's the flavor on these guys?

Re: Revenants [4e] Yeah, i read about these guys! They look fun thanks for supplying some crunch to the fluff. Re: Revenants [4e] Okay, what about social reaction to these guys? Do they look like a stereotypical undead rotting flesh, exposed joints and organs, etc. Re: Revenants [4e] Okay, since there haven't been a dozen posts referencing the Homebrew sub-forum, I can only assume that these are legit WotC materials that I'm missing out on.

Dragon issue? Check out a bunch of stuff I wrote for my campaign world of Oz. I am the Burley, formerly known as Burley Warlock. I got my name changed. Please remember me Okay, what about social reaction to these guys? Last edited by Xallace; at AM. Dragon: The Inheritance. Coplantor's Official Second-In-Command 2. It's alot like being Will Riker, but still with less alien women and also pirates.

Originally Posted by Avatars. Originally Posted by Burley Warlock. Okay, since there haven't been a dozen posts referencing the Homebrew sub-forum, I can only assume that these are legit WotC materials that I'm missing out on. Site Navigation. Tweets by RichBurlew. Most Searched Tags.

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Rules issues with Revenants

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All Men Are Created Equal… Except the Revenant

With enough invenstment, you can become neigh indestructable. So if you want to play a genasi rogue, or a shardmind battlemind, consider killing yourself first. Speed: Normal Vision : Above normal, but not very usefull. Languages : Slightly better then norm, since you get a choice Dark Reaping : Non-scaling conditional damage, still it's a free action, and can trigger off yourself.

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Unkillable revenant

Revenants are souls of the dead returned to a semblance of life by the Raven Queen , but they do not appear as undead horrors or even anything like their former selves. When the Raven Queen reincarnates souls, they exist as her special creations, and they have the bodies of her choosing and creation. A revenant has a body that is slender for his or her height, but this form possesses an uncanny toughness that contradicts the apparent build. Eyes are most commonly solid black with a single point of red light in place of a pupil, but other eerie eye colors—including yellow, white, silver, and gold—are not uncommon, although they always share the same fiery red pupil.

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