This story is from August 9, Once when Mother Parvati asked Lord Shiva to explain about a vrat that can confer the greatest of merits to the observers, Lord Shiva shared the information about Varalakshmi Vratham thereby making this one of the most beneficial kinds of vrathams observed. Though this vratham does not require elaborate preparations and ceremonies, when observed diligently, it can confer great benefits including health, wealth, happiness, long life, social status, success and others. The principal deity of this vratham is Varalakshmi meaning a manifestation of Lakshmi that grants boons to the devotees. Observing Varalakshmi Vrtham is equivalent to worshipping Ashtalakshmis eight different forms of Lakshmi. The Beginnings of Varalakshmi Vratham Once there lived a highly pious and devout housewife named Charumathi.

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Wonderful post with such detailed instructions Hats off to you chitra.. Hello, The above book was given as a complimentary. I have shared the printers details.

But its a very old book. I don't know whether this print is available now. It should be tied by the person who is doing the Pooja. They should tie by themselves. Really its awesome, I never seen this much detailed information without doing, ur posted for readers request its great.

Ur information are very useful to beginners, thank you so much I am also going to do this pooja I was thinking how to start what procedure its really very useful. But I have one doubt, I have gayatri devi silver statue can I proceed this same method, r v have to do like wt ur doing in coconut. Thanks a lot Sankar Saranya. Its not necessary that u should keep a kalasam. You can perforn pooja for the statue.

Even i am going to perform this pooja with a Goddess photo frame along with a kuthuvilakku :. Pls can u tell about coconut. I searched many blogs I found this blog have all info for plus thanks.

My doubts are 1. Plz do reply. Thanks in advance:- Hello Vidhya Thanks for visiting this page. I am glad u find it useful. Regarding your doubts 1. You can nombu kayiru after 3 days of pooja 2. You can distribute the thambulam for women in temple. It is also auspicious. But please take bath and start doing the pooja. So you have to bathe twice. To avoid this,many ladies do the pooja in the morning as soon as they take bath : Hope this helps you.

Dear, Thanks for the post. Can you please give me the details about the book you have taken copy. Please give me the title of the book and the publisher name. You can also give a copy of the the front title page. Easy for us to buy that book. Hello sir,Thanks for the suggestion. I have attached a picture of the book in the post. Please have a look at it. This book was given as complimentary gift to my friend.

So it was specially prepared for that. Please enquire in some popular book shops or Giri trading agency for Varalakshmi vratham book with story. I guess you will get it. Wonderful post.. Nice Information. Send Dasara Gifts to Hyderabad. Very use full information. Thanks for sharing. Thank you a million times for this wonderfully written blog! I've been married 4 years and this is my first time starting this pooja.

My MIL wishes for me to do it, but she's in a different country and is unable to give me clear instructions on how to perform the full pooja she asked me to look it up in YouTube. I did, and ended up confused. Your blog was just the thing I needed to make my notes and feel like I know what I should be doing. I can't thank you enough Chitra.

You are my god-sent for this occassion. May varalakshmi give you all the 'varams' you ask for Thanks a bunch for your blessings. Iam so happy to read your message. Have a great celebration : My best wishes :. Thank you so much for the blog. Can you clarify my doubts 1. Do we need to buy new saree for Goddess? What to do with the saree after removing kalasam? Should it be given to temple? Hi, Its good to buy a new saree. After wearing the saree, you can use it for yourself.

If its a small saree or skirt, use it next year. No need to give to temple. They avoid taking rice. For elderly people and pregnant women, fasting is not necessary. Hi chitra I am so so glad to comment here and thanks to the core I was searching varalakshmi viratham procedure in many sites and confused a lot Hi Sindhuraj, Kalasam should be in bronze or silver but God's face can be with anything.

Even you can make your own with turmeric powder. There are many youtube videos to help you make God's face. You can use old kalasam. No need to buy new ones. Its not necesaary to decorate the goddess with gold ornaments. You can decorate it just with flowers. Goddess Mahalakshmi would be please with it :.

In fact my friends use all designer, covering jewelleries that looks attractive : Refer the above pictures. Hello Chitra. I am Mounika. Thanks for your valuable information. I got married in February I didn't perform my first year varalaxmivrath after my marriage. Can I start vratham in this year that is second year of my marriage. Please reply.

Hi, I asked my friend about this. She told you can start pooja either by first or third year and not in second year. Again one doubt if me and my mil were in same home then we should make two idols like your friend archana?? Hi,Not necessary. Actually one is yamuna and other one is lakshmi in the picture. If you wish, you can keep two as well. Dear Mrs. Chitra Ganapathy. Im glad to intro myself Divya. If you do pooja by keeping idol at home, its auspicious to invite married ladies to your house and give thamboolam.

If you are just doing a simple pooja, then you can distribute prasadam and thamboolam by going to their houses OR you can take everything to a nearby temple and distribute there too. Once you finish the pooja, you can have the food.

No need to wait until prasadam distribution.


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