Develop Reference ios excel sql-server. Home About Us Contact Us. Bar; Telerik. AddRange 1, poDt. Count, 1 ; RadChart1. ChartSeries ; chartseries.

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Develop Reference ios excel sql-server. Home About Us Contact Us. Bar; Telerik. AddRange 1, poDt. Count, 1 ; RadChart1. ChartSeries ; chartseries. Bar; chartseries. ChartSeriesItem ; csItem. ToString ; csItem. True; csItem. Parse poDt. ToString ; RadChart1. AddItem csItem ; RadChart1.

Number; RadChart1. Red; RadChart1. Transparent; RadChart1. Save Server. GetInstance document, msReport ; document. AddAuthor "Test" ; document.

Height; hImage. Add p ; document. Add hImage ; document. Close ; Response. Write msReport. GetBuffer , 0, msReport. I'm new to iText 5. Could anyone tell me how to add a text field under a paragraph? Based on my current code, the text field is not displayed under the paragraph. I may add more questions to the PDF so I want to display each text field under the paragraph.

A4 ; pdfDocument. Can not read data sent form mobile.. Shows Unrecognized text in WireShark I am capturing data sent form a mobile device to my local server. I am not getting expected data in my computer so I tried WireShark to capture the data to see whats going on. The data is successfully received by WireShark but it shows Unrecognized text.

Whats Wrong? I want to Capture Image than preview image in imageview than convert to 64 bit and save the image path. Options ; o. It should be the power of 2. I have referred to this example but the data source is a. CSV and not a. Server getting corrupted Image uploaded with windows phone I was trying to upload an image after choosing with PhotoChooserTask to my php server and write in afile in server. I used UTF8 for encoding. Then I encoded it to base64string and decoded in server.

I tried in many ways for reading image but failed to solve this. What can be the problem? Or can me suggest some other ways? BitmapImage ; bmp. SetSource e. SaveJpeg stream, wBitmap. PixelWidth, wBitmap. PixelHeight, 0, ; stream. Seek 0, SeekOrigin. GetString data, 0, data. Write postData ; writer. ReadToEnd ; System. SaveJpeg ms, imageSource. PixelWidth, imageSource. None; b. Resize neww, newh, WriteableBitmapExtensions. OpenFile fileName, FileMode. Create, FileAccess. SaveJpeg targetStream, bitmap.

PixelWidth, bitmap. Length]; e. Read content, 0, content. Length ; targetStream. Write content, 0, content. SaveJpeg ms, neww, newh, 0, ; fbmp. This characters were not being found in the server. In the server, the opposite work in done decdoing the edited base64 string back to original base64 string.

Now I got the image in server after decoding. Categories HOME django openedx keras inext data-science date scenekit openlayers p2p beagleboneblack jquery-easyui vectorization google-cloud-ml mathematical-optimization tslint drools-guvnor birt azure-cloud-services skype stk options verification django-filters fswatch sequence-diagram nativescript-plugin pixel ziggeo-api moment-timezone tradier play-reactivemongo spree signing traminer libvlc bing-custom-search 3des readability flask-restful glew x10 filenotfoundexception solar ms-mpi xpressive activitypub hamming-code error-correction html-object autostart imdb azure-ad-b2b statuspage-api maven-shade-plugin oclazyload tsconfig panoramas compose teststack android-contact-mimetype openargs magento Resources javascript android java csharp php python ios jquery html sql.


RADChart - Export to Image File

Good news everyone! Exporting Silverlight charts to images has been a common request for our Silverlight chart. I'm glad to announce that the functionality is already done and checked in our development branch. This means that everything is on track for the Q3 release and maybe a beta release before that! But why not for Q2?


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