This pictured model is KX-MB To use this feature, you must subscribe to the appropriate service of your service provider. L Be sure to use the telephone line cord included in this unit. Thank you for purchasing a Panasonic MultiFunction Printer. The default setting is Middle East. To change the location setting, see page 54 feature

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This pictured model is KX-MB To use this feature, you must subscribe to the appropriate service of your service provider. L Be sure to use the telephone line cord included in this unit.

Thank you for purchasing a Panasonic MultiFunction Printer. The default setting is Middle East. To change the location setting, see page 54 feature Note: L The suffix in the model number will be omitted in these instructions.

Location Location Available features by location setting KX-MB only The following features may vary slightly depending on the location setting on page Change the location setting to match where you use the unit. Important Information Important Information For best performance Toner cartridge and drum unit L When replacing the toner cartridge or drum unit, do not allow dust, water, or liquids to come in contact with the drum.

This may affect print quality. L For optimal performance, genuine Panasonic toner cartridges and drum units are recommended. Table of Contents 1. Introduction and Installation 1. Table of Contents Accessories 1. Table of Contents Troubleshooting Paper Jams Jams Cleaning Cleaning Introduction and Installation 1 Introduction and Installation Accessories 1. To ensure that the unit operates properly, we recommend the use of a Panasonic toner cartridge and drum unit. See page 85 for specifications.

KX-MB only 1. Introduction and Installation L To set the unit to the power save mode manually. Introduction and Installation Installation Removing the shipping tape Remove the shipping tape 1. Caution: L Read the following instructions before you begin installation. After you have read them, open the drum unit protection bag. The drum unit contains a photosensitive drum. Exposing it to light may damage the drum.

Introduction and Installation 3 Place the toner cartridge 3 into the drum unit 4 vertically. L If the lower glass j is dirty, clean it with a soft and dry cloth.

Introduction and Installation 7 Install the drum and toner unit k by holding the 8 Close the top cover until locked. L Make sure that the triangles l match, to install the drum and toner unit correctly. To replace the toner cartridge and the drum unit When the display shows the following, replace the toner cartridge.

Waste disposal method Waste material should be disposed of under conditions which meet all national and local environmental regulations. Introduction and Installation If the top part of the extender is detached If the extender is detached 1. With the top part of the extender in the open position, insert the tab 1 into the left hole 2 of the extender.

Line up the extender 1 with the left side of the output tray. Make sure that the triangles 2 match, to attach the extender correctly. Snap the extender 3 into the unit by pushing down the right side of the extender. Introduction and Installation 3 Load the paper, print-side up 2. Important: L Push and lock the plate 3 in the paper input tray, if it is lifted. L The unit is set for printing A4 size paper by default. Introduction and Installation 5 Insert the paper input tray to the unit, lifting the front part of the tray.

Then push it completely into the unit. Note: L If the paper is not loaded correctly, re-adjust the paper guides, or the paper may jam. L If the paper input tray does not close, the plate in the paper input tray may be lifted. Push the paper and make sure that the paper is laid flat in the paper input tray. Caution for the paper input tray L Do not drop the paper input tray.

Preparation L If you use the unit with a computer and your internet provider instructs you to install a filter 5 , please connect it as follows KX-MB only. Preparation 2. If you cannot dial page 36 , change this setting according to your telephone line service. Preparation Document Requirements 2. Preparation Minimum document size Help mm 2. Preparation Volume Initial Programming 2. L If there are any documents in the document entrance, you cannot adjust the volume.

Preparation L If the unit is connected to your computer, the model name will be automatically detected. L You can change the name of the unit if necessary. L The files will be copied to your computer. This is normal and the software will not cause any difficulties with your operating system. L Computer features printing, scanning, etc. Printer 3 Printer Printer 3. For example, to print from WordPad, proceed as follows.

L The [Print] dialogue box will appear. For details about the [Print] dialogue box, click [? Printer 3. The manual input tray is used only for printing with the computer and can hold one page at a time. When printing multiple pages, add a next page after the first page has been fed into the unit.

L Please refer to page 84 for information on recording paper. Labels that do not completely cover the backing sheet as follows. Scanner 4 Scanner Scanner 4. Select following scanning modes depending on the way to use the scanned image. L To save the scanned image, select [Save As L To cancel scanning while the document is being scanned, click [Cancel]. L If the [Select Copying certain documents may be illegal in your country. The following are examples of items that may be illegal to copy in your country.

Copier 5. L To select the resolution, see page The documents will not be reduced to fit the recording paper, so this feature is useful for copying small sized documents such as business cards. The documents will be reduced to fit the recording paper. To make a landscape copy, set the original in landscape direction.

If memory becomes full while storing, the unit will only print out the stored pages. During poster feature 1. Fax KX-MB only Printing a journal report A journal report provides you with a printed record of the 30 most recent faxes. To print it manually, see page To print it automatically after every 30 new fax transmissions and receptions, make sure feature is activated page For an explanation of error messages, see page For further details, see the storing procedure on page Your programmed items will remain in the broadcast memory, allowing frequent re-use.

L The broadcast function utilises stations 1—2. The one-touch dial function will be cancelled. For example, to send a document created from WordPad, proceed as follows.

How to receive phone calls and faxes You have to answer all calls manually. Fax KX-MB only 6. L To receive fax documents using the extension telephone, make sure remote fax activation is turned ON feature on page 59 beforehand. The default setting is ON. Fax KX-MB only If a fax calling tone is detected, the fax machine will receive a fax automatically. L Regarding the remote access code for the answering machine, see the operating instructions of the answering machine.

L Answering machine is not included.


Panasonic KX-MB772CX manuals

The printing quality is poor. Some paper has instructions recommending which side to print on. Try turning the recording paper over. The recording paper is too damp. Use new paper. The remaining toner is low.

DECRETO 4735 DE 2009 PDF

A b c – Panasonic KX-MB772CX User Manual


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