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Lord Swaminarayan has commanded some rituals, spiritual and social precepts and regulations. One should not have breakfast or even water before performing Nitya Pooja.

Nitya Pooja means to render our heartfelt gratitude to the Almighty for bestowing upon us a sound sleep and to enjoy the fresh and energetic day ahead. Pooja helps an individual concentrate on the divine murti idol of God. The best time for Nitya Pooja is before sunrise. Early hours of the morning are considered auspicious. For Pooja, get dressed by washed clothes, white dhoti and upper clothes viz. If it is not comfortable, alternatively white Kurta-Payjama can be worn Fig.

Performing Pooja with such kind of dress causes the infringement of the commands of God Fig. Lord Swaminarayan has commanded us to sit facing the North, where there is the Pole star which symbolizes spiritual progress and firmness and facing the East where there is the Sun God, which symbolizes tremendous power of energy and enlightenment.

Spread out neat and clean cloth Asana on the floor and sit on it Fig. Spread out another neat and clean cloth Asana for God facing us Fig. Take all the holy idols out from the Pooja box and keep them on the clothes and other things should be appropriately arranged along the side of clothes. Asana Fig. This will form a small cup like shape in your right hand.

Then, using left hand to pour a small quantity of water in right hand and sip it reciting Aachaman mantra. This should be repeated for two more times total three times. Female devotees should apply only Kumkum red-powder. Tilak- Chandalo protects us from social evils and addiction. Moreover, one can resolutely adhere to the rules of religion easily. After cleaning the hands, keep the eyes closed and sit in the meditation posture for Mansi Pooja Mental worship.

Thereafter, for performing Mansi Pooja, one should invoke the Supreme Lord by reciting the following mantras :. The Upanishads declare that Mansi Pooja mental worship is equal to external worship when it is performed with devout feeling with heart and mind Fig. I am Atma soul. I am Akshar. I am separate from this body. I am your servant. Your eternal dwelling place is my heart.

Have such kind of soul-searching meditation. Shriji Maharaj is taking rest in the gorgeous and precious stone decked bedstead Dholiyo in the early dawn time Brahmmuhurt. I am standing nearby the bedstead Dholiyo of Shriji Maharaj and waking him up by singing melodious songs and kirtans.

Shriji Maharaj is getting up with little twist of indolence and meditates upon His own body. Afterwards, Maharaj attends his call of nature. After washing hands, I make Shreeji Maharaj to sit on the stunning golden seat spreading soft cushions on it and get for Him green and fresh twig Datun. After cleaning the teeth, getting Him wear yellow Pitambar and according to the season, getting Him bathe with cold or warm saffron-fragranced water by cleaning properly each and every part of the body.

I get the body wiped with a new, soft and clean towel. Thereafter, getting Him wear beautiful white dhoti and shawl and getting Him seated on the golden seat, making Him eat the favourite delicacies in the golden plates. After He takes the meal, I am getting Him wash the hands and giving Him water to drink and also delicious beetle leaves with cardamom and cloves. Thereafter, Maharaj gives Prasadi to Saints, devotees and to me from His plate, I feel extremely grateful by taking Prasad. Thereupon, according to the season, I am making Him get ready with attractive and decorative clothes, I pray with feelings of utmost respect and reverence, O!

I beseech you to come to my morning Pooja with Saints and Mukta Purushas. Now, after performing Mansi Pooja, folding two hands, one should invoke the Supreme Lord by reciting Aavahan Mantra calling the deities down to our Pooja Fig. It is extremely important to chant on beads and the rosary should be always in a bead bag Fig. While chanting, one has to be careful that the rosary should be kept in the middle finger of the right hand, without making the index finger touch or any other fingers or nails; it should be performed with the thumb Fig.

Such way at least five, seven or eleven rounds mala should be performed and nothing should be uttered during this period. Refrain from other worldly thoughts and talking with others and try to concentrate your mind upon the divine image of God.

Thereupon, standing on your Asan, keeping two hands up, standing on left leg you should chant on beads. Such way, in the Tap-image embodiment of austerity of Nilkanthvarni one round of beads mala should be performed Fig. Now, one should pray to Lord, O! Give me strength to face any ordeals and miseries of life unwaveringly. Give me strength to believe that You are omnipotent. Give me strength to perform the austerity like that of Yours. Afterwards, with the feelings that in the divine presence of Lord with His saints and Muktas devotees , keeping the right hand towards Pooja, one should circumambulate Pradakshina until the one round of beads mala is done Fig.

During the circumambulation Pradakshina , one should bow down the head with reverence when one passes in front of the Lord.

We should pray to God with full devotion that You Lord are at my focal point of life and I will always envelope You as like circumambulation Pradakshina. After performing Pradakshina, bead-bag Gaumukh should properly be folded and kept at its place. One should perform five Dandvat Pranam prostrations with obeisance with the intense feelings of devotion and to extend our deepest gratitude by putting forth our mind, money and body and everything at the feet of Lord and Guru Fig.

Moreover, Shriji Maharaj has directed in the Vachanamrit of Gadhada Madhya — 40 that one more dandvat Pranam prostration should be performed to ask for forgiveness, if we have intentionally or unintentionally carried out malicious attitude towards any devotees.

During performing these six Dandvats, one can recite prayer or Kirtan religious songs. After performing Dandvat prostration , having sat on the Asan properly, taking the Thal dish of sugar, groundnuts or dry-fruits etc.

Place the dish of Thal at appropriate place. During the day, recollect the recited five shlokas by heart and try to follow every command of Maharaj resolutely Fig. Thereupon, Shlokas of penitence of any offenses committed during Pooja is to be recited. O Maharaj! I commit many sins during the day intentionally or unintentionally.

I beseech You to consider me as your humblest servant and forgive my sins. And shower Your blessings so that I may not commit such sins again. Kindly You and Yourself dwell with Your devotees in my heart and safeguard me from the evils of mundane world. Give me sad-vidya true-enlightenment and sad-buddhi pious intelligence that the Saints shower hearty blessings on me and I may make Lord and Saints pleased with me. I seek to let Your blessings prevail among Your Saints and devotees that they may have brotherhood, goodwill and humility as well as let your integrity and humility prevail in my life and bless me that I always carry the conviction that You are the all in all.

And with that the prayer is to be chanted as conclusion. Afterwards, the idols of deities and other peripherals should be properly arranged and kept in Pooja box. It should be kept at the sacred place daily. Get direction on gooogle map. Puja Vidhi English. Follow us on Instagram gunatitbykalakunjmandir. Load More Follow on Instagram. Find us on Facebook.


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