In October , the order militarizing the People's Militias provoked great discontent among the anarchist militians of the Durruti Column on the Aragon front. Following protracted and bitter arguments, in February around thirty out of the 1, volunteer militians based in the Gelsa sector decided to quit the front and return to the rearguard 1. The agreement was that militians opposed to militarization would be relieved over a fortnight. These then left the front, taking their weapons with them. Back in Barcelona, along with other anarchists advocates of prosecuting and pursuing the July revolution, and opposed to the CNT's collaboration with the government , the militians from Gelsa decided to form an affinity group, like the many other affinity groups 2 in existence in anarcho-syndicalist circles.

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The Friends of Durruti Group's document "Towards a Fresh Revolution" has been a major influence on the platformist tendency within anarchism. The group was formed from a current of workers that defined themselves against the collaboration of the CNT with the government, and milicianos who returned to Barcelona to fight against the militarization of the militias. From its establishment on March 17, until May 3, the Group held several meetings, launched various manifests and leaflets, demanding the release of the libertarian leader Francisco Maroto del Ojo , sabotaged the intervention of Federica Montseny at a meeting on April 11, and filled the walls of Barcelona with posters explaining their program.

The Friends of Durruti program includes: [2]. On May 5, during the so-called May Days of , they published an leaflet stating that "A Revolutionary Junta has been constituted in Barcelona. All those responsible for the coup d'etat, who maneuver under government protection, will be executed.

We find in the group's paper El Amigo del Pueblo a hard rejection of the measures taken by the State in order to return to a pre-revolutionary situation; in the issues from May to July the revolutionary struggles of May were vindicated, repeatedly rejecting the accusations made from many sectors calling them "provocative and irresponsible agents".

They denounced censorship of the written press and described them as " counter-revolutionary maneuvers". In September , brigades integrated into the Popular Army many of which had previously been part of the CNT militias , took the town of Belchite. The pages of El Amigo del Pueblo claimed this to be the work of the "Confederate forces", while continuing to denounce the constant repression suffered by the group.

In many of their issues they launched proclamations in favor of the CNT and the FAI , despite having numerous points of disagreement with both. It also emphasized the need to remember "the experiences of the May Days". Several scholars consider that the Friends of Durruti were in a process of ideological separation with moderate anarchism, and that after the experience of the class struggle in the Spanish Civil War , they turned left in the direction of a more organized and strategic anarchism.

These faists , disappointed with the collaboration of the anarcho-syndicalist CNT 's moderate wing with the state capitalist government, came to sudden reflections such as the following:. To defeat Franco , it is necessary to defeat Companys and Caballero. To defeat fascism , it is necessary to crush the bourgeoisie and its Stalinist and socialist allies. It is necessary to completely destroy the capitalist state and establish a workers' power , emerging from a base of workers' councils.

Anarchist apoliticism has failed. In there was a reformation of the group, the exiled Franco-Spanish Group "The Friends of Durruti", which reestablished and dissolved itself on several occasions. They began to publish a new series of the newspaper El Amigo del Pueblo , in from France.

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Grupo Amigos de Durruti



Amigos de Durruti



The Friends of Durruti Group from its inception up to the May events


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