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Quick Links. Download this manual. MPX Table of Contents. Lexicon user guide bit dual channel processor pages. Acknowledgement All product names indicated by a Trade Mark are registered by their respective manufacturers. Copyright , Lexicon Inc.

All Rights Reserved. Lexicon Part Lexicon Inc. Press for 2 seconds to access System Parameters. Page 6: Setting Audio Levels 4. Set the MIX control to Dry. If you are using an instrument amplifier, start with MIX set halfway up. Page 8 Bypass. A momentary footswitch can be wired to a tip-ring-sleeve connector. A stereo Y-connector allows two identical single switches to be used.

Power off the MPX before plugging in the footswitch. Otherwise, Bypass will be enabled. A dual-function footswitch with a set of labels to identify footswitch functionality Tap and Bypass is available from Lexicon dealers. Designate two auxiliary sends on your console and connect one to the left MPX input, and the other to the right input.

Refer to the Program Descrip- Modes of Operation tions to take advantage of this configuration. We've arranged the critical parameters of each program under the front panel Adjust knob, so all you have to do is turn the knob to adjust the program to suit you. When you want to change tempo, just tap twice again in the new rhythm. Bypass Pressing the front panel Bypass button will cause the MPX to pass only dry, unprocessed audio, or to mute the inputs to the current effect.

Bypass can be set to mute or bypass effects. If you want to exit without saving the current program, press Store again. To enter this mode, press and hold Bypass for approxi- mately 2 seconds. The adjustable parameters available in this mode are shown in the chart on the following page.

Page Program Descriptions The programs in the MPX are designed to provide a full palette of high caliber ambience, reverb, delay, pitch shift and other effects. As you audition the pro- grams, be sure to vary the Adjust knob. The Adjust knob has been carefully cus- tomized for each individual program.

Page Single Programs — making sounds broadcast through the plate seem to be occurring in a large open space. This pro- gram works well on percussion — particu- larly on snare and toms, but be sure to experiment with other sound sources as well. Adjust The clean reverberation of the Hall pro- Decay — gram is designed to add spaciousness, while Decay — Page 24 Chamber useful Liveness Eko Delay on a wide range of material.

It is especially useful on spoken voice, giving a noticeable increase in loudness with very low color. Adjust Wall Reflections — The syn- chronization of the left and right sides can be adjusted to produce mono and stereo ef- fects. The in- put signal is split into high and low frequency bands. The rotation effect is created by a synchronized combination of pitch shifting, tremolo and panning.

This pro- Rate — gram, inherited from Lexicon's PCM 80, gen- High Cut — erates a rich, airy effect that can simulate the Diffusion — sound of multiple sound sources from a Diffusion — The first tap is fixed, and the second sweeps past it. Mixing the two delay taps together creates the flanging effect. Page 31 Inversion — Pitch The stereo polyphonic Pitch program in the MPX allows complete program ma- terial or monophonic sources to be shifted down two octaves or up one octave.

For pitch correction, use this algorithm with Mix set to fully Wet. For harmonization, As more detune amount is applied Detuning — with Adjust , the pair grow more out of tune, Detuning — Each of the 16 variations can be used for digital delay or tape echo effects. When Adjust is turned past its center postion to the right, tape echo effects are produced. Four routing configurations are used in In the cascade variations, rather than simply controlling balance, the knob varies the amount of the first effect or dry signal which is fed into the second effect.

At center, you get delayed pitch shift This setting provides pitch Adjust is completely different in — each of the Variations, so be sure to experi- ment with all of them. Echo — Page User Programs Detune 12 Delay, Echo 8 Delay, Echo 12 Reinitialization Reinitializing the MPX will reset all of the System Mode parameters to their factory defaults, replace any programs stored in the User bank with the factory-loaded preset copies, and clear any Learned patches.

To do this: 1. Any of these controls can be patched to Continuous Controllers. These buttons can also be patched to Program Change. As many as five Learn patches for the Simultaneously press Store and Tap to enter Learn Mode. When you change Print page 1 Print document 55 pages. Cancel Delete. Sign In OR. Don't have an account? Sign up! Restore password. Upload from disk.

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Lexicon MPX 100 User Manual

Quick Links. Download this manual. MPX Table of Contents. Lexicon user guide bit dual channel processor pages.


Lexicon MPX100 24-Bit Dual Channel Processor w/ Power Supply

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Lexicon Mpx 100 Users Manual


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