It has a score of This is good compared to all other sets. The set is recommended by 2 reviews, based on 3 scored reviews and 3 reviews total. It is ranked in the top We know this set was released in , and it is categorised in Town.

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Bricks with class. Subscribe You are not logged in. Register a new account or login and you will be able to use all page functionalities! Reset password. LEGO Brickbase. Custom sets. All sets. Themes in catalogues. Building processes. Shop PL. Refuse Collection Truck. Set information:. Community rating:. Review's author:. Place: Poland. Joined: , jan Seen: 25d 8h. Related pages:. Introduction Catalog entry. Source: Brickset. Emptying container. Emptying trashcan from house.

Alternative sets:. Dumper Truck Garbage Truck Roadster Bulldozer Linked sets:. Recycle Truck Sceneries with this set included:. Hortpund Retor Town Center Instruction cover. Modified by:. Packaging front. Packaging back. Packaging back with alternative build proposals.

Refuse collector. Preparation for work. Trashcan will not put itself on the lift! Dumping garbage. The lift is certainly useful thing in this refuse collector. Cleaning up. They have to cleanup the remains. In this way you can throw away trash. The entire container is rasied, the tailgate also up and everything gets out. Proud workers. Proud employees after carrying out theirs activities. Emptying trashcan. In the Bebricton - Leisure Area scenery. No comments has been written.

Write a comment Your name Previous set:. Snorkel Pumper. Next set:. Car with Camper. Go back. Last changes. Contact us. Logged in: None. Place: Poland Joined: , jan 21 Seen: 25d 8h. Toys Period. Toys Period - instruction.


LEGO Refuse Collection Truck Set 6693 Inventory



Refuse Collection Truck


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