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Kansei Engineering Japanese: kansei kougaku, sign or aective engineering. Kansei Engineering parametricallyNowadays, people want to use products that are func- links the customers emotional responses i.

Af- of a product or service. In consequence, products can befective engineering is the study of the interactions be- designed to bring forward the intended feeling. It focuses on the relationships between the physical traits of It has now been adopted as one of the topics for a product and its aective inuence on the user. Thanks professional development by the Royal Statistical Soci- to this eld of research, it is possible to gain knowledge ety.

Methods in Aective Engineering or Kansei engineer- 1 Introduction ing is one of the major areas of ergonomics human fac- tor engineering.

The study of integrating aective val- Product design on todays markets has become increas- ues in artefacts is not new at all. Already in the 18th cen- ingly complex since products contain more functions tury philosophers such as Baumgarten and Kant estab- and have to meet increasing demands such as user- lished the area of aesthetics. In addition to pure practical friendliness, manufacturability and ecological consider- values, artefacts always also had an aective component ations.

With a shortened product lifecycle, development. One example is jewellery found in excavations from the costs are likely to increase. Since errors in the estimations stone ages. Also the period of Renaissance is a good ex- of market trends can be very expensive, companies there- ample of that. Charles E. Osgood uct levels. However, success in a certain market segment developed his Semantic dierential method in which he not only requires knowledge about the competitors and quantied the peoples perceptions of artefacts.

Some the performance of competing products, but also about years later, in , Professors Shigeru Mizuno and Yoji the impressions which a product leaves to the customer. Akao developed an engineering approach in order to con- The latter requirement becomes much more important as nect peoples needs to product properties. This method products and companies getting mature. An- chase products basing on subjective terms such as brand other method, the Kano model, was developed in the image, reputation, design, impression etc..

A large num- eld of quality in the early s by Professor Noriaki ber of manufacturers have started to consider such sub- Kano, of Tokyo University. Kanos model is used to es- jective properties and to develop their products that con- tablish the importance of individual product features for vey the company image. A reliable instrument is there- the customers satisfaction and hence it creates the op- fore needed: an instrument which can predict the recep- timal requirement for process oriented product develop- tion of a product on the market before the development ment activities.

A pure marketing technique is Conjoint costs become too large. Conjoint analysis estimates the relative impor- This demand has triggered the research dealing with the tance of a products attributes by analysing the consumers translation of the customers subjective, hidden needs overall judgment of a product or service. A more artistic into concrete products. Research is done foremost in method is called Semantic description of environments.

Asia, including Japan and Korea. In Europe a network It is mainly a tool for examining how a single person or a has been forged under the 6th EU framework.

This net- group of persons experience a certain architectural en- work refers to the new research eld as emotional de- vironment. Although all of these methods are concerned with sub- The expression Semantic Space was addressed for the rst jective impact, none of them can translate this impact to time by Osgood et al..

He posed that every artifact can design parameters suciently. This can, however, be ac- be described in a certain vector space dened by seman- complished by Kansei Engineering. Kansei Engineering tic expressions words. This is done by collecting a KE has been used as a tool for aective engineering. It large number of words that describe the domain.

Suit- was developed in the early 70s in Japan and is now widely able sources are pertinent literature, commercials, man- spread among Japanese companies. In the middle of the uals, specication list, experts etc. The number of the 90s, the method spread to the United States, but cultural words gathered varies according to the product, typically dierences may have prevented the method to enfold its between and words.

In a second step the words whole potential. Anity diagram, com- pare: Bergman and Klefsj, or mathematical meth- ods e. Finally a few representing words are selected from this spanning the Semantic Space. These words are called Kansei words or Kansei Engineering As mentioned above, Kansei Engineering can be consid- words.

Some researchers have identied the content of the methodology. Shimizu et al. The Space between those properties and the design characteristics. The collection of products representing the domain is done from dierent sources such as existing products, customer suggestions, possible 1.

How to accurately understand consumer Kansei technical solutions and design concepts etc. The key fea- 2. How to reect and translate Kansei understanding tures are found using specication lists for the products into product design in question. To select properties for further evaluation, a Pareto-diagram compare Bergman and Klefsj, 3. How to create a system and organization for Kansei can assist the decision between important and less impor- orientated design tant features.

Synthesis In the synthesis step, the Seman- tic Space and the Space of Properties are linked together, as displayed in Figure 3. Compared to other methods 4 A Model on Kansei Engineering in Aective Engineering, Kansei Engineering is the only Methodology method that can establish and quantify connections be- tween abstract feelings and technical specications.

For every Kansei word a number of product properties are In Japanese publications, dierent types of Kansei En- found, aecting the Kansei word.

Schtte examined dierent types of Kansei Engineering and developed a general model covering the contents of Synthesis Kansei Engineering. The research into constructing these links has been a core Choice of Domain part of Nagamachis work with Kansei Engineering in the last few years. Nowadays, a number of dierent tools is Domain in this context describes the overall idea behind available.

Some of the most common tools are : an assembly of products, i. Choosing the domain includes the denition of the in- Category Identication tended target group and user type, market-niche and type, and the product group in question. From this, a domain description is formulated, serving as the basis for Genetic Algorithm further evaluation.

The process is necessary and has been described by Schtte in detail in a couple of publications. Fuzzy Sets Theory.

After doing the necessary stages, the nal step of valida- Fahrvergngen tion remains. This is done in order to check if the pre- Japanese quality diction model is reliable and realistic. However, in case of prediction model failure, it is necessary to update the Kansei Studies Space of Properties and the Semantic Space, and conse- quently rene the model. The process of renement is dicult due to the shortage of methods.

This shows the 7 References need of new tools to be integrated. The existing tools can partially be found in the previously mentioned methods Akao, Y. Software Tools for Kansei Engineer- in Japan. Most types re- quire good expert knowledge and a reasonable amount of Baumgarten, A. This has Georg Olms Verlagsbuchhandlung. In order to facilitate application tional Design Report of the State of the Art- Round some software packages have been developed in the re- 1.

There are two dierent types of software packages available: User consoles and Green, E. Rao, Conjoint Measurement for data collection and analysis tools. User consoles are soft- Quantifying Judgemental data. Journal of Market- ware programs that calculate and propose a product de- ing Research, p. However, such software requires a database that quanti- Grimsaeth Kjetil, Kansei Engineering Linking es the connections between Kanseis and the combina- Emotions and product features, , Norwegian tion of product attributes.

For building such databases, University of Science and Technology. There are many Shigekazu, Satisfying Emotional Needs of the Beer more tools used in companies and universities, which Consumer through Kansei Engineering Case Study might not be available to the public. Hirata Ricardo, Nagamachi Mitsuo, Ishihara As described above, Kansei data collection and analy- Shigekazu, Nishino Tatsuo,Translation of customer sis is often complex and connected with statistical anal- Kansei and emotional needs into products, 2nd In- ysis.

Depending on which synthesis method is used, dif- ternational Conference on Applied Human Factors ferent computer software is used. The con- Imamura, K. The neering 1, M. Nagamachi, Editor. Seraku, and F. Both software packages improve the collection and evalu- tation of Kansei data. In this way even users with no spe- Kant, I. Engineering Kller, R. Koubek and W.

Karwowski, Editors. Mori, N. The Science of Hiroshima International University. Nishino, T. Kaibundo Publishing Co. Suci, and P. Tannenbaum, dard Association, in Japanese. The measurement of meaning.


Coleman - Astrologi

The Critique of Pure Reason Kritik der reinen Vernunft ; second edition is a book by the German philosopher Immanuel Kant , in which the author seeks to determine the limits and scope of metaphysics. In the preface to the first edition, Kant explains that by a "critique of pure reason" he means a critique "of the faculty of reason in general, in respect of all knowledge after which it may strive independently of all experience " and that he aims to reach a decision about "the possibility or impossibility of metaphysics". Kant builds on the work of empiricist philosophers such as John Locke and David Hume , as well as rationalist philosophers such as Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz and Christian Wolff. This is argued through the transcendental idealism of objects as appearance and their form of appearance. Kant regards the former "as mere representations and not as things in themselves", and the latter as "only sensible forms of our intuition, but not determinations given for themselves or conditions of objects as things in themselves". This grants the possibility of a priori knowledge, since objects as appearance "must conform to our cognition


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Embed Size px x x x x Vlkommen tillSITE, en tidskrift frkonst, arkitektur,film och filosofi. SITE indikerar ett slags obestmbarhet, somkanske mer n ngot annat r vad som knne-tecknar samtiden en obestmbarhet vad gl-ler frhllandet mellan konstarterna och derasgrnser; vad gller relationen mellan konsten,filosofin och politiken; vad gller sjlva innebr-den i det vi fortfarande envisas med att kallatradition. SITE r en plats, en ort eller ett rumsom nnu sker sin bestmning platsen kanocks vara en icke-plats: site och non-site ver-gr i varandra, som Robert Smithson en gnghvdade. Och vilka r vra moderna rum ochplatser transitzoner, passager, vergngar? Den elektroniska kommunikationens siter till-lgger ytterligare en dimension, och vad som rverkets, handlingens och uttryckets platsfrefaller idag mer oskert n ngonsin.


Sociology as a Science

In the time of Enlightenment the idea of science was to promote the Good society. There was yet not perceived to be a contradiction in science between at the same time being objective and progressive. The response from the scientist was paradoxically Technology and Society Luela to defend objectivity. Thus when sociology was established as a science around the University of Technology SE year it became inherently contradictory, i. The conclusion is: by taking understanding as the point of departure sociology can be progressive: promoting the good society and still be a science. Author s. This is since the time of Enlightenment - the meaning of science cf.

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