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Dangerous driving and especially the road rage aggressive driving is assigned to the roughest road traffic offenses, and the prevailing public opinion on this phenomenon is not adequate or even contrary to the rule of law.

We believe that it is appropriate to do a research which would determine citizens' viewpoint and experience, so in the future we could control the spread of dangerous and aggressive driving.

In this study, we tried to reveal the phenomenon of dangerous and aggressive driving by the rule of law aspects. There was searched for the most characteristic examples of this phenomenon and provided its evaluation.

We have examined the road traffic reports of Police Service of Lithuanian about traffic safety of in the country. We found out that by Administrative Code Article rowdy and dangerous driving offenses average about 0.

Over the past three years, recorded violations, this is an average of Absolute numbers are not huge, but given the fact that the violations are serious and they have a tendency to increase, so there are plenty violations.

The survey shows that within our investigation prevailed a contingent of years old citizens with years of driving experience. Most of the respondents know a little or nothing at all about Administrative Codes' provisions that regulate aggressive and dangerous driving.

Only The majority of respondents indicated that they often or sometimes violate the requirements of Road Rules. For half of all respondents the mood has influence for violating Road Rules. Some respondents who were penalized for aggressive and dangerous driving hadn't understood why they were punished for it. There are four main factors encouraging drivers to drive dangerously and aggressively, respondents included the following: driver's age, driving experience, alcohol, the desire to show off.

It is assumed that for many people, particularly young age, the awareness of dangerous and aggressive driving and the consequences of driving are not sufficient. It is likely that the study will indoctrinate the public with the existing problem and we believe that the driving schools should pay a greater attention to this issue as well as extensive educational activities carried out through the media.


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