Raymond Bernard Cattell 20 Maret Februari adalah salah satu Psikolog berpengaruh di abad Sumbangan Cattell yang paling terkenal untuk perkembangan dunia psikologi antara lain; teori fluid and crystallized intellegence dan 16 PF Sixteen Personality Factors. Selain itu, Cattell telah menyumbang dan mengembangkan lebih dari 30 tes psikometri terstandar, kuesioner dan rating scales [2]. Tes 16 PF Questionnaire milik Cattell adalah tes yang paling terkenal.

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Maternal mortality in Campinas : evolution , under-registration and avoidanc. Directory of Open Access Journals Sweden. The health and social development indicator almost exclusively used was infant death. OBJECTIVE: To study the number, characteristics, basic causes and avoidance of maternal mortality MM among women living in the city of Campinas , which occurred between and , identified from all death certificates of women aged 10 through 49 years.

SAMPLES: All eligible death certificates classified as declared and presumed maternal deaths according to the Laurenti criteria for the cause of death were selected and complementary studies of the clinical records were performed. This corresponds to an under-registration rate of Around three-fourths of these maternal deaths were due to a direct obstetrical cause and were considered avoidable. The predominance of direct obstetric causes and avoidable deaths reinforces the need for public health interventions directed towards avoiding them.

Perancangan ini dilakukan untuk mempromosikan PT. Campina Ice Cream Industry beserta produknya. Campina Ice Cream Industry diangkat sebagai topic perancangan karena banyak competitor-kompetitor yang bermunculan.

Dengan melihat berbagai kelebihan dan kekurangan PT. Campina Ice Cream Industry. Sehingga diharapkan dapat mengingatkan kembali ice cream Campina dalam benak konsumen. Untuk media promosi digital Apparent losses due to domestic water meter under-registration in By combining these results with the average age of meters in South Africa, estimated from the National Water Demand Archive, it was possible to estimate the average meter under-registration due to meter aging.

Apparent losses due to domestic water meter under-registration in South Africa. This study investigated the extent of apparent losses due to water meter under-registration in South Africa. This was done by first estimating the under-registration of new meters due to on-site leakage, and then the additional under-registration due to meter aging.

The extent and flow distributions of on-site leakage were determined through field studies in Cape Town, Mangaung and Johannesburg, by measuring the flow through new water meters when no legitimate consumption occurred on the prop This document proposes a Bayesian spatial method to identify mortality under-registration in municipalities. Evaluation of the apparent losses caused by water meter under-registration in intermittent water supply.

Apparent losses are usually caused by water theft, billing errors, or revenue meter under-registration. While the first two causes are directly related to water utility management and may be reduced by improving company procedures, water meter inaccuracies are considered to be the most significant and hardest to quantify. Water meter errors are amplified in networks subjected to water scarcity, where users adopt private storage tanks to cope with the intermittent water supply.

The aim of this paper is to analyse the role of two variables influencing the apparent losses: water meter age and the private storage tank effect on meter performance. The study was carried out in Palermo Italy. The impact of water meter ageing was evaluated in laboratory by testing revenue meters, ranging from 0 to 45 years in age.

The effects of the private water tanks were determined via field monitoring of real users and a mathematical model. This study demonstrates that the impact on apparent losses from the meter starting flow rapidly increases with meter age.

The circuit hip hop growing in Campinas since the decade of , and has been expanding in the context of urbanization and metropolis.

We noticed some residual cultural component in places involves, among others, the alternative production involved by a technically and territorial division of labor spurred by circuits upside of information. The culture of the streets and these circuits, survive to the urban division and fragmentation.

It is, therefore, a study of the region of Campinas as a place that houses technical, informational and communicational densities.

We analyzed geographical conditions of contemporary life in this region, inquiring about the communication and the informational components in the use of the territory.

Surto de sarampo na regiao metropolitana de Campinas , SP. The quantification of evapotranspiration is great importance for the crops irrigation.

This paper aims to map evapotranspiration cokriging through the relative humidity and solar radiation as a variable used to estimate due to lower cost and greater ease to obtaining. From the late s and early s, Campina Grande undergoes a significant urbanization and expansion, favored by economic growth. We observed that rural workers migrated from rural to urban area in Campina Grande in so far as the farming activity was becoming unviable due to droughts and they could see, in the urban center of Campina , other possibilities of working and worthier life conditions.

Our work attempts to reflect on how some popular migrated to Campina Grande in the late s and Thermal bioclimate in idealized urban street canyons in Campinas , Brazil. The study focuses on thermal comfort issues of humans in urban areas and performs evaluation in terms of physiologically equivalent temperature PET , based on long-term data. Meteorological data of air temperature, relative humidity, wind speed and solar radiation over a 7-year period were used.

A 3D street canyon model was designed with RayMan Pro software to simulate the influence of urban configuration on urban thermal climate. The following configurations and setups were used. The model canyon was m in length, with widths 9, 21, and 44 m. Its height varied in steps of 2. The results show that urban design parameters such as width, height, and orientation modify thermal conditions within street canyons. A northeast-southwest orientation can reduce PET during daytime more than other scenarios.

The method and results can be applied by architects and urban planners interested in developing responsive guidelines for urban climate issues. Bartonella spp. Full Text Available Bartonella species are blood-borne, re-emerging organisms, capable of causing prolonged infection with diverse disease manifestations, from asymptomatic bacteremia to chronic debilitating disease and death.

This pathogen can survive for over a month in stored blood. However, its prevalence among blood donors is unknown, and screening of blood supplies for this pathogen is not routinely performed. We investigated Bartonella spp. Blood samples were inoculated into an enrichment liquid growth medium and sub-inoculated onto blood agar.

Liquid culture samples and Gram-negative isolates were tested using a genus specific ITS PCR with amplicons sequenced for species identification. Bartonella henselae and Bartonella quintana antibodies were assayed by indirect immunofluorescence. Sixteen donors 3. Antibodies against B. Serology was not associated with infection, with only three of 16 Bartonella-infected subjects seropositive for B.

Bartonella DNA was present in the bloodstream of approximately one out of 30 donors from a major blood bank in South America.

Negative serology does not rule out Bartonella spp. Using a combination of liquid and solid cultures, PCR, and DNA sequencing, this study documents for the first time that Bartonella spp.

Our findings support further evaluation of Bartonella spp. Bartonella species are blood-borne, re-emerging organisms, capable of causing prolonged infection with diverse disease manifestations, from asymptomatic bacteremia to chronic debilitating disease and death. Rio de Janeiro. Three partnerships between the University of Campinas , community, and public health care services are discussed in this article.

A theoretical framework underpins the critical reviews of their accomplishments following criteria proposed by scholars of community-university partnerships and community-based participatory research. The article…. Guedes, S. We employed a technique that, potentially, makes possible to measure the radon and RD activity in the air and to separate from this result the activity of radon, alone.

In this preliminary paper only the former activity is studied. El presente trabajo pretende trasladar la experiencia adquirida, en la visita al Sistema de Bibliotecas de la Universidad de Campinas. The present work aims at implementing the experience gathered during the visit to the Library System of Universidad de Campinas. This study aimed at characterizing the asylums at the municipality of Campinas regarding their residents, human resources and routines.

Authors investigated six private institutions with residents, whose majority were dependent and with quantitatively and qualitatively insufficient human resources.

It was possible to verify the capacitation of the health professionals in the areas of geriatrics and gerontology, in particular, as well as of the nursing team that is really important to the improvement of the care provided to the elderly.

Full Text Available From the late s and early s, Campina Grande undergoes a significant urbanization and expansion, favored by economic growth. Our work attempts to reflect on how some popular migrated to Campina Grande in the late s and s, changing their practices in the workplace and changing the characteristics of the city, because massing in the periphery, men and women who were ploughpeople in past, have now the role of watchers, bricklayers, washerwomen, street vendors, cart drivers, stone breakers, among others.

The study identified both the characteristics of rape the accused, victims and relations between them, as well as the processes of selection and filtering to which they are submit during their processing. The results found for Campinas reflect rape complaints found in international studies, which indicate that rape is a heterogeneous category, although the aggressors are invariably men and the victims young. On the other hand, when the criminal selection process is analyzed, a filtering of typologies is noticed, found in the complaint phase in three standards for the crime of rape: intrafamiliar, committed by an unknown aggressor and among youth who know each other.

This paper seeks to describe experiences in a school on the outskirts of Campinas , taking as inspiration the anarchist pedagogy. With the awareness that the implementation of anarchist pedagogy in public schools immersed in a capitalist ideology is virtually impossible, we suggest classroom practices that seek for "anarchisms": movements, thoughts, love affairs, battles that move thought and open escape routes, touching the libertarian claims. In the case of the experiments described in this paper we use as possible anarchism photographs of "graffiti", which have undergone digital manipulation, making it a "hyperreality.

Campinas metropolitan region: solid waste management for regional sustainable development; Regiao metropolitana de Campinas : gestao de residuo solido para o desenvolvimento regional sustentavel. Each person generates a lot of residues in their daily activities. The society has unobserved the limits for the environment and is living with an undesirable pollution level, regarding the capacity of absorbing and recycling residues and materials.

Due to these, there is a necessity of rethink the actual model of development adopted by the society. Regarding the global sustainability, the residue management needs to be planned in order to assure the surviving of future generation with life quality. By a theoretic analysis, this article objective is to evaluate the residue management of Campinas Metropolitan Region interference at the regional sustainable development. A retrospective study was carried out of the number of cases of tuberculosis that were notified among inmates over the study period.

This involved reviewing data from a total of 4, inmates who were held in the four prisons that comprise Campinas ' municipal prison system. The incidence of tuberculosis peaked in 1, Most cases of tuberculosis occurred in inmates in the 25 to 34 year age group Acquired immunodeficiency syndrome AIDS was the disease most commonly associated with tuberculosis


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