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The division is present in Europe, Asia, and the Americas. We support our customer in over countries through 30 manufacturing sites, research and development centers, sales companies and representative office. Our extensive product portfolio includes pipes, fittings, valves and the corresponding automation and jointing technology for industry, building technology and utility markets.

We currently service SEA through 7 sales companies and 2 manufacturing plants with one locate in Malay- sia and Indonesia. Our service centers offer regular train- ing to ensure the highest quality is maintaned from design through to installation. We ensure excellent customer support and technical on-site training.

GFI has more than 20 years experience and a strong reputation as a high-quality producer of Polyethylene PE pipes and fittings. The company which was founded in is located in Karawang, West Java, holds a leading position in the min- ing and other water related market segments.

Polyethylene materials Polyethylene PE is a well-known plastic which is found in many ev- eryday applications. Piping systems manufactured from PE display outstanding prop- erties which make PE the choice for many of the most demanding piping applications. PE provides a long term secure piping systems unmatched by most other plastic, metallic and composit piping sys- tems and are engineered for a year design life.

PE has out- standing impact resistance, abrasion resistance and UV stability. Therefore the PE pipe system will be de-rated as tem- perature increases. The colours can be used to identify the service of the pipeline, e. Minimum coiled pipe class PN High quality pipe with special properties designed for specific Electrofusion technology for various water and gas applications.

Butt fusion technology for various water and gas applications. Mechanical compression fittings and saddles in plastic for water and gas installation. A wide range of products for water and gas installation and View our range of flanges - ideal for demountable connections as repair - under and above ground.

Choose from the most comprehensive valve product range. Proven Jointing Technology suitable for all materials. Tensile test Hydro pressure testmm. SDR 41 33 PN for PE80 3.

PN for PE 4 Bar - 6. Wall Inside Wall Inside Ave. DN Min. SDR 21 17 PN for PE80 6. SDR 11 9 7. PN for PE80 Solutions for Your Reliable System For over 50 years, GF Piping Systems has enjoyed considerable success in developing application oriented plastic piping system solutions for water utilities.

District cooling Irrigation ADistrict growingcooling world ispopulation a systemand the changing in which climate chilled water enhance theinfood is distributed and pipes from a water scarcity central coolingglobally. As counter actions more and more food produc- the biggest advantages for PE in this kind of application is a moderate loss of tion will be separated from the local weather by building large green houses orcold dueextended doing to its insulation character, irrigation increasing anthe easy maintenance output of food perand a worldwide sqm.

Systems net- work of simple customizing to install and pre-fabrication and ensuring a secure water centers. It is essential tight distribution overthat the pipes, total fit- product life span tings, valves andwill become other an important components attribute.

GF are connected PipingsoSystems reliably that theypro- last for vides you a comperhensive more than years. Non-destructive Irrigation testing of butt fusion joints and material We provide NDT services during construction, as well as during operation of A growing world population and the changing climate enhance the food and wa- PE piping systems.

This technique is used to evaluate the properties of the ter scarcity joint and the globally. Enough food availability welded components. We provideistogoing to be anofobjective you reports each testwhich will be out of reach. Systems simple to install and ensuring a secure water tight distribution over the total product life span will become an important attribute. GF Piping Systems provides you a comprehen- sive product range for irrigation as well as on the spot trainings and fast deliver- ies.

Customizing rental pools Special fittings or prefabricationon request is what makes a solution your Fire fighting solution. Our customizing teams work closely together with our production and In case of fire, a specialists engineering secure and around reliablethe globe supply to develop of water the best solutions for underground distribution for and above ground sprinkler systems is crucial for emergencypools you. I many countries, GF Piping Systems operates rental provid- management.

Global trainings Pressure sewage GF Pipingthan Rather Systems gravity,specialists are sewage the pressure always close systembyisworldwide, using pumps a comper- to move the hensive range of training courses is conducted by local expert teams. The waste water along to the waste water treatment plant. Pressure sewage sys- trainings are focused on methods with high partical relevance.

Geared specif- temstoward ically are using yourgenerally individualsmaller diameter priorities pipes as well as that level to your are less expensive and of knowledge, easier to install.

Plus they follow the terrain, requiring a depth our courses offer a high degree of quality and exclusivity. On site, the just below the training pays off. Since instructing pipe fitters in the specific aspects of the installa- frost line, and move directionally to skirt obstructions. The result is a signifi- tion prior cantly to the lower actual cost construction of installation work saves compared you valuable to traditional timesystems. Choos- ing the right PE system a reliable network for up to years can be build.

For us, it is a matter of course to provide individual support and application-oriented services along the entire lifecycle of your installation.. Yani RT. The technical data are not binding and not expressly warranted characteristics of the goods. They are subject to change. Please consult our General Conditions of Supply. Learn more about Scribd Membership Home.

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Report this Document. Flag for Inappropriate Content. Download Now. Related titles. Carousel Previous Carousel Next. Jump to Page. Search inside document. WAGA Mechanical fittings for repair, transition and Mechanical flange jointings maintenance A wide range of products for water and gas installation and View our range of flanges - ideal for demountable connections as repair - under and above ground. Paul Michael P. Paul Daher.

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