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Hey everyone! I'm Reese and I'm excited to be a part of the Fstoppers team. The interviews are going to touch on everything from how they reached rock star status to their shooting style to what cameras they shoot with as well as their advice to all aspiring photographers.

Recently I caught up with celebrity wedding photographer Joe Buissink and picked his brain a bit. Let me know what you think in the comments below. Joe Buissink is one of the most sought-after wedding photographers on the planet. Joe Buissink: About 16 years ago I was working on a PhD in psychology, and I took a photo of my son who was nursing on my wife. The image spoke to me in a way that made me abandon my PhD and pursue photography.

I felt compelled to pursue this and see why it was so compelling. I eventually figured out that photography allowed me to express myself. Joe Buissink: No, I was just trying to figure out how I could make a living based on that photo that I took of my son nursing. So I took the approach of documenting the wedding and making sure that way that every wedding is unique.

Fstoppers: Tell me a bit about how you got started shooting celebrity weddings. Part of it is luck, right? I take a lot of chances, and most of the time I fail, but every once in a while luck hits you. Fstoppers: Who have been some of your biggest clients? Fstoppers: What was your first wedding like? Joe Buissink: Kelsey Grammer was my first celebrity wedding. She was the maid of honor but she was also going to shoot it, and she was looking for a videographer and contacted me by mistake.

That was my most nerve-wracking celebrity gig, I think. Fstoppers: How is shooting celebrity weddings different from other weddings? Joe Buissink: I shoot it the same way.

That's very, very difficult. You also have to try to satisfy the publicist and the business manager and the lawyer; you have different people trying to work with this client and they all have a different idea of who this person is and what their needs might be.

I just have to make sure that I shoot that same way, which is from the heart and for the moments. Fstoppers: Your photos have a very distinctive look, how to you describe your style? A lot of what you see in my work is me and who I am as a person. My style is that I shoot from the heart, to the heart. The images tend to be very emotional. Fstoppers: How do you approach wedding photography? Joe Buissink: As a clean slate. I try not to copy what I shot the week before, and the thing for me to do is to be open to the moment and be part of that moment.

If you force it and you keep looking for moments then you end up shooting what you think the wedding should look like rather than actual moments that are unfolding in front of you. My thing is to try and be as relaxed as possible, I get a lot of rest the night before, I leave everything on the table emotionally, and sometimes I do a little meditation.

A few years ago I made a second shooter on all of my jobs and that saved me. The person that comes with me is actually my primary shooter. While they should still be addressed and taken care of, I have someone that does it for me. Fstoppers: How many assistants do you normally work with? Joe Buissink: I have one primary shooter and one assistant. It makes it easier to switch depending on what my needs are. Fstoppers: What do you shoot with?

What gear do you normally bring to a wedding? I have a couple of them, and when I shoot film I use a Canon 1V. I absolutely adore that wide angle. Fstoppers: What do you think is the most important skill for a photographer to have? What skill is most important as a wedding photographer? For a wedding photographer, I think people skills are very, very important. Fstoppers: The wedding photography industry has been flooded with amateur photographers.

How do you think this has affected the industry? You had to know what the heck you were doing, and for wedding photography you really had to know your stuff. The client would get a disk of images that were junk. Joe Buissink: Be honest, be true to yourself about the types of things that you enjoy shooting. What we all tend to do, and I did it a lot in the beginning, is shooting a lot of traditional stuff even though I hated doing it.

Get out of that frame of mind of trying to make someone else happy. Check out the Fstoppers Store for in-depth tutorials from some of the best instructors in the business. Thanks Reese. I love Joe's work - all ways have.

The article gives me an insight to why i love it. Great interview thanks Reese : btw Paragraph 2 is missing the question and thanks to Jo for his time for Fstoppers readers :. I saw Joe speak at a Pictage meeting in Denver about a year ago.

Life changing event, hes a brilliant fella who's got more than a lifetime of great advice and stories. He definitely speaks from the heart. Love his work. I totally agree. I shoot weddings as well, and this was the most inspiring thing for me.

He absolutely approaches wedding photography as an art, and there's a lot to be learned from that approach. Upload your photos from your computer, Facebook, URL or webcam and find who do you look like!

That was a great interview Reese!!! Thank you so much Joe for sharing what's in your head and heart when you shoot. I think that it is exactly what makes you such a fantastic photographer. I paid to sit a seminar with Joe speaking all day in Manchester, Best money i ever spent,i normally fall asleep half way through these things but i didn't want it to end, he was inspiring, captivating, absolutely fantastic. Ups and downs, but that's it at end of the day isn't it? Just shoot from the heart and love what you do.

Thanks for the interview. One of the most enjoyable reads on FS for me and i don't even shoot weddings Great blog Reece, keep em coming! I'm not sure I've every seen such a well known photographer with such terrible work. I'm completely unimpressed by his images which frankly, look extremely ammeter.

His post processing alone is obnoxious! Haha, thanks for sharing your thoughts, Howe. Who are your favorite big name wedding photographers? Do you just prefer minimal post-processing, or is it just a personal preference thing? I'd love to hear back! As primarily a wedding photographer myself, I feel completely inadequate after looking at Joe's work.

They all seem doable if you had a game plan and just needed that one image, but then you are reminded that they were taken with limited time and on an extremely busy day. The 2nd to last image blows my mind away That never happens! I for one just shot my third wedding by myself this past saturday I felt like Jake Sully in Avatar riding the Echlon you know, the big bird for the first time I marvel at Joe's work and think it is completely amazing, a true master And as for too much post processing I would bet you there is little processing in the above images I too was blown away by that image!

Amazing light on each person An amazing photo! I agree with the above poster only on the account that a few of his photos have a little bit too much post processing for my tastes. Wow I love what Joe said about not taking the photos other people want you to take but to do it your way. I am around the corner of shooting my first wedding and I hope that my photographs will tell a story and not look like everybody else's photos, and that the couple will love the photos too of course!

This article needs to be proofread


Free Photography Workshop With Celebrity Wedding Photographer Joe Buissink

Lesson 24 of Joe will show you his award-winning photojournalistic approach to weddings. He'll teach you how to find your own style and bring your own personality out in your images, because the most important thing about photography is who YOU are! Your clients want you for your passion, and Joe will help to bring out the artist in you.


Joe Buissink Wedding Contract Pdf Campus

Lesson 27 of I wanted to start with kind of like, going over a bit of my, uh, the agreement, my contract, um, I know you all at home, you're going to hear me read some of this stuff. I don't know if it's up online or not. I don't think it is right there not seeing the contract. I'm just going to read it. They can have the car if they've purchased you knows what I mean. So right now, it's it's a short one, it's.


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