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The considerable interest raised by the discovery of neutrino oscillations and recent progress in studies of muon colliders has triggered interest in considering a neutrino factory at CERN. Slime Factory. Describes a classroom activity using slime, a colloid: it behaves like both a solid and liquid.

Explains how slime can be produced from guar gum. An activity where students work in teams and become a slime factory is presented. Plant Factory. Lots of questions such as decreasing investing cost, realizing stable plant production and developing new growing technique should be solved for making popular this growing system.

However, I think that we can introduce a highly developed Japanese industrial now-how to plant factory system and can produce a business chance to the world market.

Neutrino factory. The properties of the neutrino provide a unique window on physics beyond that described by the standard model.

The measured value of theta 13 is large, emphasizing the need for a facility at which the systematic uncertainties can be reduced to the percent level. Its unique discovery potential arises from the fact that only at the neutrino factory is it practical to produce high-energy electron anti neutrino beams of the required intensity. This paper presents the conceptual design of the neutrino factory accelerator facility developed by the European Commission Framework Programme 7 EURO nu.

Design Study consortium. The EURO nu baseline accelerator facility will provide 10 21 muon decays per year from A suite of near detectors will allow definitive neutrino-scattering experiments to be performed. Se hizo un estudio transversal en una muestra representativa de Las matrices de varianza y covarianza se compararon entre pares de perfiles usando el test modificado de Mantel.

No se encontraron diferencias significativas en las cargas factoriales entre los perfiles. The faculty developed a teaching factory model which was designed to…. CERN welcomes new members. Lithuania is on course to become an associate member of CERN , pending final approval by the Lithuanian parliament.

Associate membership will allow representatives of the Baltic nation to take part in meetings of the CERN Council, which oversees the Geneva-based physics lab. Generalized Factorial Moments. It is shown that the method of eliminating the statistical fluctuations from event-by-event analysis proposed recently by Fu and Liu can be rewritten in a compact form involving the generalized factorial moments. Introduction to CERN.

Summer Student Lecture Programme Introduction. The mission of CERN ; push back the frontiers of knowledge, e. You have to develop new technologies for accelerators and detectors also information technology--the Web and the GRID and medicine--diagnosis and therapy. There are three key technology areas at CERN ; accelerating, particle detection, large-scale computing. Searches for new physics with accelerators are being performed at the LHC, looking for high massive particles coupled to matter with ordinary strength.

A new experimental facility meant to search for very weakly coupled particles in the few GeV mass domain has been recently proposed. The existence of such particles, foreseen in different theoretical models beyond the Standard Model, is largely unexplored from the experimental point of view.

A beam dump facility, built at CERN in the north area, using GeV protons is a copious factory of charmed hadrons and could be used to probe the existence of such particles. The beam dump is also an ideal source of tau neutrinos, the less known particle in the Standard Model. In particular, tau anti-neutrinos have not been directly observed so far.

The Clone Factory. Have humans been cloned? Is it possible? Immediate interest is sparked when students are asked these questions.

In response to their curiosity, the clone factory activity was developed to help them understand the process of cloning.

In this activity, students reenact the cloning process, in a very simplified simulation. After completing the…. The Learning Factory. This book looks at the administration of an academic institution as a learning factory which needs to be run like a business, competing with other businesses offering the same service. The book begins with a discussion of the concepts of the continuing education learning market, the playing fields and rules of the games, as well as the idea of….

The Old Factory. Technology education is not just about things, systems, and processes. It can also be about history, people, technological change, and impacts on society. In this design challenge, one uses technology education principles and ideas to convert an old factory into a museum and learning center. The challenge with this historical resource is to think…. Le DG W. Le premier DG au Cern , F. Bloch, et Mons. Tandis que le discours anglais de W. Jentschke est traduit en russe, le discours russe de Mons.

Morozov est traduit en anglais. Sequence Factorial and Its Applications. In this note, we introduce sequence factorial and use this to study generalized M-bonomial coefficients.

For the sequence of natural numbers, the twin concepts of sequence factorial and generalized M-bonomial coefficients, respectively, extend the corresponding concepts of factorial of an integer and binomial coefficients.

Some latent properties…. Hazardous factories : Nigerian evidence. The past 15 years have seen an increasing governmental and corporate concern for the environment worldwide. For governments, information about the environmental performance of the industrial sector is required to inform macro-level decisions about environmental targets such as those required to meet UN directives.

However, in many African, Asian, and Latin American countries, researching and reporting company environmental performance is limited. This article serves as a contribution to filling the gap by presenting evidence of physical and chemical risk in Nigerian factories. One hundred and three factories with a total of 5, workers were studied.

One hundred and twenty physical and chemical hazards were identified and the result shows a high number of workers exposed to such hazards. The study also reveals that workers' awareness level of chemical hazards was high.

Yet the danger was perceived in behavioral terms, especially by manufacturing firms, which tend to see environmental investment in an increasingly global economy as detrimental to profitability. Engineering the smart factory. The fourth industrial revolution promises to create what has been called the smart factory. The vision is that within such modular structured smart factories , cyber-physical systems monitor physical processes, create a virtual copy of the physical world and make decentralised decisions.

This paper provides a view of this initiative from an automation systems perspective. In this context it considers how future automation systems might be effectively configured and supported through their lifecycles and how integration, application modelling, visualisation and reuse of such systems might be best achieved.

The paper briefly describes limitations in current engineering methods, and new emerging approaches including the cyber physical systems CPS engineering tools being developed by the automation systems group ASG at Warwick Manufacturing Group, University of Warwick, UK. CERN goes iconic. There are more than emoji that can be sent and received in text messages and e-mails.

Now, the CERN particle-physics lab near Geneva has got in on the act and released its own collection of 35 images that can be used by anyone with an Apple device. CERN provides unique irradiation facilities for applications in dosimetry, metrology, intercomparison of radiation protection devices, benchmark of Monte Carlo codes and radiation damage studies to electronics. Published by Oxford University Press. All rights reserved. For Permissions, please email: journals.

The Japanese Positron Factory. In this article, results of the design studies are demonstrated for the following essential components of the facilities: 1 Conceptual design of a high-power electron linac with MeV in beam energy and kW in averaged beam power, 2 Performance tests of the RF window in the high-power klystron and of the electron beam window, 3 Development of a self-driven rotating electron-to-positron converter and the performance tests, 4 Proposal of multi-channel beam generation system for monoenergetic positrons, with a series of moderator assemblies based on a newly developed Monte Carlo simulation and the demonstrative experiment, 5 Proposal of highly efficient moderator structures, 6 Conceptual design of a local shield to suppress the surrounding radiation and activation levels.

Wolfgang Kummer was not only a great theorist but also a man with a noble spirit and extensive education, based on a fascinating long-term Austrian cultural tradition. As an experimentalist I am not sufficiently knowledgeable to evaluate his contributions to theoretical physics - this will certainly be done by more competent scientists.

Nevertheless I admired him for not only being attached to fundamental and abstract problems like quantum field theory, quantum gravity or black holes, but for his interest in down to earth questions like electron-proton scattering or the toponium mass.

I got to know Wolfgang Kummer very well and appreciate his human qualities during his long attachment to CERN , in particular when he served as president of the CERN Council, the highest decision taking authority of this international research centre, from to falling into my term as Director-General….

The significance of Cern. Le Prof. History of Cern. A Classroom of Polymer Factories. Provides an activity in which students create small classroom factories and investigate several aspects of production including design, engineering, quality control, waste management, packaging, shipment, and communication. Asymmetric B- factory note. Three main issues giving purpose to our visit to CERN , ESRF and DESY were to: assess the current thinking at CERN on whether Eta, the gas desorption coefficient, would continue to decrease with continued with continued beam cleaning, determine if the time between NEG reconditioning could be expanded, and acquire a knowledge of the basic fabrication processes and techniques for producing beam vacuum chambers of copper.

CERN : A global project. The eldercare factory. Rapid advances in service robotics together with dramatic shifts in population demographics have led to the notion that technology may be the answer to our eldercare problems.


Erie County Real Estate Transactions

Werts; Virginia M. Sarkin to Brendan J. Kelly; Elizabeth M. Brzezinski; Kevin R.


New drugs for NAFLD: lessons from basic models to the clinic

The considerable interest raised by the discovery of neutrino oscillations and recent progress in studies of muon colliders has triggered interest in considering a neutrino factory at CERN. Slime Factory. Describes a classroom activity using slime, a colloid: it behaves like both a solid and liquid. Explains how slime can be produced from guar gum. An activity where students work in teams and become a slime factory is presented. Plant Factory.



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