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Efloraofindia's journey. Flowersofindia site. For members' information. Indian Flora facebook group. Names of Plants in India site. Posting Guidelines. Role of eFI in Sc. Volunteers required. Oken , Allg. Syn: Chilmoria pentandra Buch. Unresolved ;. Am sure,.. Me too agree with you,..

Would go with pentandra The end depicts the gender. But gender in ICBN is very technical. A tree is male, but if it has been given a feminine generic name then it is to be followed. In other words, even if a name ends with a masculine suffix, it will be considered as male even if it is not!!!

It is so confusing all the time. Ideally the name should be Hydnocarpus pentandrus but interestingly in the original description it is written as Hydnocarpus pentandra Buch. Oken Allg. Basionym: Chilmoria pentandra Buch. London 13 2 : Article A generic name retains the gender assigned by botanical tradition, irrespective of classical usage or the author's original usage. A generic name without a botanical tradition retains the gender assigned by its author.

It means, Pankaj Kumar is a girl if his dad says so :P First step if to see what the original basionym was? In this case it was "pentandra" but at the same time, original generic name was also "Chilmoria", obviously both with the same gender.

When a genus is divided into two or more genera, the gender of the new generic name or names should be that of the generic name that is retained. Hence, when you transfer it to new genus it was supposed to retain the gender of generic name as " Hydnocarpus pentandrus " but this didnt happen according to the protologue where it is mentioned as "pentandra". So this name should be retained, according to me and it should be Hydnocarpus pentandra unless it was corrected by some one according to another article Hope this is understandable.

Unfortunately I dont know what is Mariana's Trench!! Many thanks dear.. Going with Hydnocarpus pentandra. About Mariana's Trench Just as we know peak of Mt Everest is the highest place above sea level, so is Marian's Trench lowest below sea level. To me the depth of subject discussed is analogous to that of Mariane's Trench. If you or anyone else are writing a scientific article on this plant then in accordance with Article Leaves entire and Flowers in long peduncles, Fruits larger sometimes double the size of H.

Location - Near Ratnagiri on Common name: Kadu Kawath. Though I am familiar with the tree never got an opportunity to see the flowers in such proximity.

The oil from its seeds are used to treat many skin diseases including leprosy. Attachments 6. Hydnocarpus pentandra found near riverside. Mollem National Park Goa Date : 23 APR Altitude : about m asl. Please identify these fallen and floating flowers in a riparian system in Kannur district of Kerala. The flowers are of Hydnocarpus pentandra.

ID Kannur 01 : 4 posts by 2 authors. Attachments 2. Please identify this shrub from riparian zone of Kannur District of Kerala. It is Hydnocarpus pendandra. Attachments 3. Pls check these good links on Hydnocarpus pentandra Buch. Attachments 7. Seen this tree near Kodar, North Karnataka.

Fruits were approx. Requesting ID for this.. Red Listed Plant List:: Acorus calamus. Encyclopaedia of world medicinal plants - Google Books. Hydnocarpus - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. For more details, pl. The Pillars 2. Moderators 4. Major contributors Stars of the month Efloraofindia's journey General.


India Biodiversity Portal

Hydnocarpus is a genus of medium to large trees of Indochina , Indonesia , Malaysia and the Philippines , having alternate leaves, small dioecious racemose flowers, and capsular fruits of which several are sources of chaulmoogra oil and hydnocarpus oil. Hydnocarpus anthelmintica is host to the Peacock mite Tuckerella filipina. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Dankia Gagnep. Taraktogenos Hassk. Germplasm Resources Information Network. United States Department of Agriculture.


Hydnocarpus pentandrus

Leaves simple, alternate, distichous; stipules caducous; petiole 0. Berry, woody, globose, apiculate 6 cm across usually brown tomentose, black when young; seeds numerous. A globose berry, rind very hard, rusty; seeds few, embedded in pulp. Fruiting throughout the year. Best supported on Google Chrome, Firefox 3.

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