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Submit Search. Successfully reported this slideshow. We use your LinkedIn profile and activity data to personalize ads and to show you more relevant ads. You can change your ad preferences anytime. How to use spss. Upcoming SlideShare. Like this document? Why not share! In the end Embed Size px. Start on. Show related SlideShares at end. WordPress Shortcode. Aboyasir Abdulqadir , Working Follow. Published in: Technology , Sports. Full Name Comment goes here. Are you sure you want to Yes No.

Do you still want her back? If you act now, I can help you. Jacqueline Perera. No Downloads. Views Total views. Actions Shares. Embeds 0 No embeds. No notes for slide. How to use spss 1. Cronk ll I L :,- 2. ChoosingtheAppropriafeSfafistical lesf Ytrh. Dtfbsr h ProportdE Mo. Itn I l. Forinstance, ' 6. Usedwith permission.

Thisbookis not approvedor sponsoredby SPSS. Althoughtheauthorandpublisherhavemadeeveryefforttoensuretheaccuracyand completenessof informationcontainedin thisbook,weassumenoresponsibilityfor errors,inaccuracies,omissions,or anyinconsistencyherein. Any slightsof people, places,or organizationsareunintentional. Oh, JackPetit. Editdrialassistanceprovidedby CherylAlcorn,RandallR. Coverdesignby RobertKiblerandLarryNichols. Copyright ,,,,byFredPyrczak,Publisher. All rights reserved.

No portionof thisbookmaybereproducedor transmittedin anyformorby any meanswithoutthepriorwrittenpermissionof thepublisher. Chapter6 6. ChapterI Section1.

On many installations,therewill be an SPSSicon on the desktopthat you can double-clickto start theprogram. When SPSSis started,you may be pre- sentedwith the dialog box to the left, depending on theoptionsyour systemadministratorselected for your versionof the program.

If you havethe dialog box, click Type in data and OK, which will presenta blankdata window. The data window and the output win- dow provide the basic interface for SPSS.

A blankdata window is shownbelow. The students were asked r! Italics areusedto indicatemenuitems. ChapterI GeningStarted whetheror not they were "morning people"and whetheror not they worked. Finalgradein class: Doyouworkoutsideschool? X Yes - No Finalgradein class: Dovouworkoutsideschool? Thefirststepis to determinethevariablesthatneedto beentered. Any informa- tion thatcanvary amongparticipantsis a variablethatneedsto be considered.

Example 1. Forinstance,variablesmustfirstbegivennamesthat: o beginwith aletter; o donotcontainaspace. Capitalizationdoesnot matter,but variablenamesare capitalizedin this text to make it clear when we are referringto a variablename,even if the variable nameis not necessarilycapitalizedin screenshots. To definea variable. ThiswillshowyoutheVari- able Viewwindow. To returnto theData Viewwindow. Eachcolumn representssomepropertyof a variable,andeachrow representsa variable.

All variablesmust be given a name. The programwill thenfill in defaultvaluesfor mostof theotherproperties. Oneusefulfunctionof SPSSis theabilityto definevariableandvaluelabels. Vari- able labelsallow you to associatea descriptionwith eachvariable.

Thesedescriptionscan describethevariablesthemselvesor thevaluesof thevariables. Value labelsallow you to associatea descriptionwith eachvalueof a variable. For example,for most procedures,SPSSrequiresnumericalvalues. Thus, for datasuchasthe day of the class i. To helpus keeptrackof thenumberswe haveassignedto thevalues,we usevaluelabels. To assignvaluelabels,click in the cell you want to assignvaluesto in the Values column.

This will bring up a smallgraybutton seeanow, below at left. Click on thatbut- ton to bring up theValue Labelsdialog box. When you enter a value label, you must click Add aftereachentry. Tl mOVe the value and itS associated label into the bottom section of the window.

When all labels have been added, click OK to return to the Variable Viewwindow. ChapterI GeningStarred In additionto namingandlabelingthevariable,you havetheoptionof definingthe variabletype. The defaultvalue is a numericfield that is eight digits wide with two decimalplacesdisplayed.

If your dataaremorethaneightdigitsto the left of the decimal place,theywill be displayedin scientificnotation e. In our example,we will beusingnumericvariableswith all of thedefaultvalues. Practice Exercise Createa datafile for the six variablesandtwo samplestudentspresentedin Exam- ple 1. Be sureyou entervalue labelsfor the different variables. Enter datahorizontally, beginningwith the first student'sID number. Enterthecodefor eachvariablein theappro- priatecolumn;to entertheGRADE variablevalue,enterthestudent'sclassgrade.

In thiscase,thecellsdisplayvalue labelsratherthanthecorrespondingcodes. If datais enteredin thismode,it is notneces- saryto entercodes,asclickingthebuttonwhichappearsin eachcellasthecellis selected will presenta drop-downlist of thepredefinedlablis.

You mayuseeithermethod,accord- ingtoyourpreference. LoadingandsavingSpSSdatafilesworksin the sameway asmostWindows-basedsoftware. SPSSdata files have a. SaveYourData When you saveyour datafile by clicking File, thenclicking Saveor SaveAs to specifya uniquename ,pay specialattentionto whereyou saveit. You will probablywant to saveyour dataon a floppy disk,cD-R, or removableUSB drive sothatyou cantaie the file withvou.

I rlii : H- Load YourData When you load your data by clicking File, then clicking Open,thenData, or by clicking theopenfile folder icon ,you get a similarwindow.


How to Use SPSS (R) : A Step-By-Step Guide to Analysis and Interpretation

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