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A complete system for delivering personalized instruction and therapy while also measuring student progress. It is also the one special education solution that supports your entire team. Designed to benefit entire districts, departments, and individual classrooms, as well as the unique needs of the students within them. Discover our collections of social and emotional learning tools to assist with a focused and calm learning environment. Discover a powerful suite of solutions for parents and special education professionals for use in the home, school or therapy practice.

Need help getting started with your product? Browse by product to find guidance and materials to help you get started fast. Feeling stuck? Get the most out of your product or software with helpful learning resources to keep you inspired. Access iPad Accessories Switch Access. Boardmaker Online. Explore an extensive selection of products that make education accessible for all.

Discover a large collection of products selected with all communicators in mind. Explore an assortment of access methods to keep all student and adults engaged and growing. Get the best price on special education focused products for use in the classroom or at home.

Who is Boardmaker for? Discover Boardmaker. Picture Communication Symbols. Getting Started. Learning Resources. Customer Support. You can convert boards, board packages, and. Select the Open button on the Boardmaker Studio Dashboard screen. Navigate to the directory containing the desired file. Select the. Select Open. The Boardmaker Conversion Setup dialog will open. Select Reselect Boards to return to your file folder to re-select or add boards.

Optional Select Conversion Warnings, Conversion Fidelity, and Symbolate Fidelity settings from the drop-down lists to make changes there. Select Import. The project is saved as a new Boardmaker Studio activity file and opens in the Designer. Select OK to close the Conversion Warning dialog.

Support Team. How do I import board packages in Boardmaker Version 6?


How do I convert Boardmaker v5/v6 files?

John S. Official Rep. Brad Employee. Short URL. Loading Profile Posted and.


What Is a BM2 File?

If you have been using, or have come across Boardmaker with Speaking Dynamically Pro boards, you can now use them in Tobii Communicator. These steps follow the import procedure in Tobii Communicator version 4. Some of these steps may have changed since version 3. You see the introductory screen of the Import Wizard Click Next. You see the legal notices screen Read the information, check that you agree, and click Next On the left, choose the My Documents folder and then click on the My Boards folder, or choose the folder where you have your Boardmaker files On the right, click on the files you want to import. To select all files, choose the Select All button When you have selected the files you want from this folder, click Next. Type a new folder name and click Next.


How do I import my Boardmaker with SDPro boards into Tobii Communicator?

They're typically used for textures and other images within the game. These files store activities and lessons used by the Boardmaker program. BM2 files can be opened with nearly any program that can open BMP files. This includes the Windows Paint program, Adobe Photoshop , and others. Since most programs probably don't associate themselves with BM2 files, you might need to rename the file from.


Activity has no thumbnails


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