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Submitted To : Col. Imtiaz A. Who gave me the strength, patience, courage and enthusiasm needed to write and complete this report, then to my friends who assisted me in this effort and we worked daylong to accomplish this assignment and to my parents who supported me financially and encouraged me morally.

I have a debt of gratitude to all my teachers who taught me throughout my academic career. I am very thankful to the honorable internship incharge. I learnt a lot from this training program and this would guide me a lot while selecting my career. I also know how to face the problems and how to find out the ways for their solutions. The preparation of this report was a massive undertaking but the highly competent and experienced bankers of HBL F-8 Markaz Branch, Islamabad.

Provided me with all assistance, information, advice and suggestions that I needed which contributed importantly to this report. They acquired 51 percent of shares of HBL. It is one of the largest Banks of Pakistan with branches inside country and overseas offices presence in 25 countries at different destinations around the world covering 5 continents. Currently HBL is having customer base of over 6 million.

It is therefore, not possible to decide as to which of the opinion is correct, for no record is available to ascertain the validity of any of the opinions. It accepts Deposits from individuals, firms and companies at a lower rate of Interest and gives at higher rate of interest to those who need them.

It was decided that the Reserve bank of India should continue to function in the dominion of Pakistan until September 30, due to administrative and technical difficulties involved in immediately establishing and operating a Central Bank. At the time of partition, total number of banks in Pakistan were 38 out of these the commercial banks in Pakistan were 2, which were Habib Bank Limited and Australia Bank of India. The total deposits in Pakistani banks stood at Rs.

In , National Bank of Pakistan was established. It started with six offices in former East Pakistan.

There were 14 Pakistani scheduled commercial banks operating in the country on December The Pakistan Banking Council prepared banks amalgamation schemes in for amalgamation of smaller banks with the five bigger banks of the country. These five banks are as under:. United Bank Limited 4. Muslim Commercial Bank Limited 5. Allied Bank Limited. In last ten to fifteen years banking sector in Pakistan has shown tremendous growth. Due to its remarkable growth, banking sector of Pakistan has become very attractive for foreign investors.

Many investors have already invested and still many more to come. It was established with paid up capital of Rs. It was the first Muslim bank of sub continent. Quaid-e-Azam first of all opened his personal account. The first branch of HBL started functioning on 30th August, at Muhammad Ali Road Bombay, In , on the desire of Quaid-e-Azam, Habib family migrated to Pakistan and later on shifted the Bank's Head Office from Bombay to Karachi on 7th August, just one week prior to independence, to play its pivotal role in the development of this newly born country.

At the time of independence, the areas which now constitute Pakistan were producing only agricultural products raw material for indo-Pak subcontinent. Partially no industries were there to process the raw material; therefore the raw material was exported from Pakistan. There were 19 non-Indian foreign Banks which were engaged in the export of crops from Pakistan with only two Pakistani Banks i. HBL and the Australia Bank.

The circumstances were completely un- certain. The confidence of the people had been shaken by the un-friendly environment and till the time peace had not been restored, people would naturally have been interested in other things.

The nation was quite young with extreme scarcity of resources and these definitely added to the difficulties of the govt. Following the announcement of the independence plan in June, , the Hindus residing in the territories now comprising Pakistan started transferring their assets to India and vice versa. The Banks included those having their registered offices in Pakistan, transferred them to India in order to bring a total collapse of the new state.

It had been decided that the Reserve Bank of India would continue to function in Pakistan so that the problem of demand and time liabilities, coinage, currencies, exchange rate etc be settled between India and Pakistan and the Indian.

Again due to certain differences between Indian Pakistan, the India government withheld Pakistan's share of Rs. At a time when this newly born country was at whirlwind of crises, it was HBL which fulfilled generously the financial needs of all its sectors, paid salaries to the employees of all Govt.

HBL after partition opened its branches throughout Pakistan to provide finance and other facilities to the business community. In association with HBL, the Govt. Our Brand Our brand identity is the outward expression of what we stand for as an organization.

This is summarized in our vision, mission and is supported by our values. Our values are the fundamental principles that define our culture and are brought to life in our attitudes and behavior. It is our values that make us unique and unmistakable. Our values are defined below: A. Excellence B. Integrity C. Progressiveness D. Customer Focus E. To this end the Human Resource Group HRG encourages and motivates its employees to excel in the responsibility that they have in the organization.

In doing so, HRG has been restructuring and redesigning the overall structure of the organization, which includes rationalization, cutting down the decision layers, improvement in staff training and hiring professionals and MBAs at entry-level management. The overall direction of HRG has been towards nurturing the strengths of the human capital to its maximum with a defining principal to help create a progressive environment and sustain a thorough commitment of our staff towards focused customer service.

HRG therefore recognizes the need to proactively invest in staff training and develop courses on a regular basis. There is no budget limit for Training and Education at Habib Bank. HR Group aims to maintain and further improve the service-oriented culture and to make employment not only satisfying but also enjoyable. Our merit-based recruitment process incorporates the principles of equal opportunity and leads to the appointment of the most capable candidate.

This ensures openness and transparency, allowing greater confidence in the outcome of the selection process. Experienced Professionals We recruit experienced professionals in all areas of the bank and encourage the creation and pursuit of innovative ideas.

Our dynamic work environment offers diverse opportunities to stimulate ongoing employee needs and supports career enhancement opportunities. This gives an overview to potential candidates as to the steps involved in becoming a part of the HBL team. There are two types of branches come under HBL network. One type is the online branches whereas other type is batch branches offline branches. So obviously HBL uses two types of different software.

Auto Finance Habib Bank Auto Finance, a lease product, designed to offer you an economical way for owing the car of your choice. It is basically meant for those in service people who earn more than Rs. This loan meets the petty requirements of the salaried class. Since the introduction of this scheme Rs. The maximum limit of this loan is Rs.

HBL provides the facility to transfer your personal loan and credit card liabilities, at the lowest rates ever. Habib Bank icard as your Debit Card When payment is made at any merchant location using the card , exact purchase amount is deducted from your account.

HBL Fast Transfer This service provides a unique solution for overseas Pakistanis to send money back home in a swift and convenient manner.

This service, designed to be user friendly, assures secured access and confidentiality. It is the largest retail banking branch in Pakistan with deposits of 22 billion rupees. It is also the main branch of Habib Bank in Islamabad.

It also serves as credit hub as well as cash bank for Islamabad region. It was an opportunity as well as honor for me because it not only gives me a lot of practical exposure to real field work but also clear understanding that how large institutions are run and controlled. Departments I worked in During the six week internship as I had to work in different department.

The day I reported in branch 27th July , manager operations had introduced me with Mr. Illyas Ahmed experienced bank employee and told me that he would act as internship coordinator. Illyas with mutual consultation assigned me seven departments which are as follow. It is known as Gateway to the bank as anyone any individual, partnership firm or JSC who wants to initiate relations or to avail the services of bank has to open an account.

This is why it is known as gateway to the bank. For opening of account a form is given which includes all necessary requirements needed for further process. This form also includes term and conditions of account holders and all details of bank and customer relationship. Annexure Before opening an account there are certain requirements. Who can draw money any time from the bank this is the main.

With minimum balance of Rs. There is no interest paid by the bank on this sort of account. These sorts of accounts are provided to encourage savings habits. There are different classifications of saving accounts, usually termed as short, medium and long term saving plans. Each set has its own unique characteristics. The function of the saving accounts is to save the surplus money of the people by giving them good interest rate. Annexure 1.


HBL Internship Report

The purpose of this program is to acquaint the students with practical applications of theoretical concepts taught to them during conduct of their BBA IT program. Really, it was a nice opportunity to have a close comparison of theoretical concept in practical field, involving the use of primary and secondary data. This Report may depict deficiencies on my part but still it is an output of a student efforts, for which I beg pardon. The out put of my analysis is summarized in a shape of Internship the contents of the report Shows the detail of sequence of these.


Assignment Point - Solution for Best Assignment Paper

Internship is a way to get experience practically in some organization. This is the way to understand the working environment of some good organization. During the internship I got the experience to work in different departments. Chapter 01 Introduction 1. Special stresses are given on theory and practice them under an organization.


Internship Report on Himalayan Bank Limited

Submitted To : Col. Imtiaz A. Who gave me the strength, patience, courage and enthusiasm needed to write and complete this report, then to my friends who assisted me in this effort and we worked daylong to accomplish this assignment and to my parents who supported me financially and encouraged me morally. I have a debt of gratitude to all my teachers who taught me throughout my academic career. I am very thankful to the honorable internship incharge. I learnt a lot from this training program and this would guide me a lot while selecting my career.

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