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Log in Registration. M,or cu. Uj 4t "d. Raur s? Ll sfia atrr a"rr g:t"r. Etq 0. Otiu u8t? OO asta, g4i'u ugtarut s. OO agt. Vqseeqti uui. JI gttt ierr srqLrl wa. Gt6t ua cLa? EJtiL t? ErLi], i4Lt ru6A i? Vruqf ,t otcr rtt. Efq aar qr. I ot rtrB5r6s Q. Hr4 t a! Laterthe d. However, in few sizes an increase of over 1olo ls proposed lt is su8gested that in these cases the rates.

D M! Later the SOR with desirable p. Looking into the financial implications of accepting stricter norms of dlscharge of effluents, is suggested that for unlts up to 10 Ml-D, unless the effluenr ls discharged directly into it surrace water, which is used as a source of drinkin8 water, the GPCB nerms may be adopted i for sTP design and for lar8er unlts above 1O'MID, X?

Jrt-rtrJ t. J tU6tt yctlqr oi i, a? LQq D. Rct qtokt. Ul 33?. Yo tcloqt. OY BM, UrniB. A Siz. P PE Providing and supplying lsl mark C. D 1 80 mm RIUT 27 45 3 4 5 14 15 16 17 mm mm mm mm 2 80 mm 3 ' 4 mm 5 mm 6 mm mm 6 1 I I 10 11 12 13 mm mm mm mm mm mm mm z trithout E.

D RMT 80 mm 2 mm 3 4 5 ' mm mm mm 1't32 '16 17 6 l 8 10 11 12 13 14 15 : mm mm mm mm mm mm mm s0 mm '16 mm l 2 withour E. D c 80 a RMT 2 3 4 mm 5 mm 6 mm 7 mm 8 mm I mm 10 mm 11 mm 12 mm ':3 14 16 17 2l 'I mm 4 OOO Without E,D 1 80 mm RMT 2 mm 3 mm 4 5 6 1 8 a22A mm 10 mm 11 mm sec A l : R e,or l C. D 1 A 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 80 12 mm mm Preasuie A Kola.

Slza ln lnm lJnlt I 2 3 32 33 34 35 O 4. U a6gt Ivtt 1. O 2AA2 4. O ,J 1. With Exci3e duw S 10 Mt ,t. O 17 18 19 4. O 2 Mt G 7e7A 4. O 24 25 5. Ratos of slz. Provldlng and supplying in standard length lsl mark rlgld unplastlcised PVC plpes suitable for potable water with rlngflt jolnt lncludlng cost of rlngs, as per lS specificatlon no.

Provldlng, supplylng and dellvery of Water Hammer Control Devices for use on verlous pumplng m6ln ol tollowlng class and dlametor lncludlng all taxes. Matrlllc lo rletalllc ch,rnoe 50 65 mm 80 mm co. Slop cock or Duih button turr selt clollno tro a! Pressure plpes.

Delivery of joints lncludlng lts accessorles lncludlng loading, unloadlng, carting, stacklng. Pressure pipes manufactured as per lS: or its latest revision for various dia meter and classes. The delivery of specials is to be made to GWSSB store or sites any where in Gujarat States including all taxes, loading, carting, unloading, stacking, lnsurance, octroi, inspection charges etc, comp. Ths dsllvory of spoclals ls to be mads to GWSSB stora or 81t68 any where ln Gujarat States inoluding all taxes, loadlng, carting, unloading, siaoking, insuranco, octroi, inspection charges etc.

Speclals M. Above mm. Soecials flanoed onds Upto mm. I Above mm. Pressure Plpe lS including all taxes loading, cartlng, unloading and stacking at GWSSB store any where in Gujarat State includlng insurance, inspection charges, octroi etc.

Type ringa I 80 mm No. Trnks Wit hour lsl M. C, Couple. Te6 Moulded 6 63x63mm 75x63mm 75x75mm 90x63mm 90x75mm 90x90mm 7 x 75 mm 8 x 90 mm 1 2 3 4 5 1 10 82 xl10 mm 10 x mm 11 ' x mm 12 x mm It P.

Elbow 1 No. E nd lFrbrlclrldl 8-o ko 63 mm No. Band 1 2 75 90 4 5 6 mm 1,10 OOo aMould. O0 r OO x2a. Rates for 15 mm , OO OO -mm t,00 mm mm mm O0 t Pios8 Loworing, laying and Jolntlng G. O0 PiDes Lowering, laying and jointing A. Couplers and C. O0 2 mm O0 6 mm OO mm t I mm RMT C, 1r2r4 lncludlng canlng etc. Labour charges for lowering laying. Labour charges for fabricating in position M. PiDe Pipe thickness upto 20 mm 2 PiDe thickness upto 21 to 30 mm 3 Pipe thickness upto 31 to 40 mm 4 Pipe thickness upto 41 to 50 mm 5 Plpe thickness upto 51 to 60 mm Pipe thickness upto 61 to 70 mm lO cm.

Item no. Providing and casling in situ mass cemEnt conorote in grade M approx. M [ominal iilx wlthout w. M, Cu Mt Cu. Columns C. M Conirolconcrote forwater rotaining structuraa Providing and cast in 6llu C. Above 20 cm and uD to 25 cm Above 25 cm Columns C,C.


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