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Forums New posts. Log in Register. Search titles only. Search Advanced search…. New posts. Log in. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. The Grip Master's Manual. Thread starter somanaut Start date Feb 19, Have any of you strong ladies and gentlemen read this book? Would you recommend this or is there something better to learn from?

Looking to increase grip strength, endurance and general hand health I work as a clinical massage therapist. Best Regards Jesper. JeffC Level 7 Valued Member. Awesome resource thanks for the heads up. Cool exercises, but to bad he does not offer any programs.

Jedd Johnson is also a great grip resource. Geoff Chafe said:. Kyrinov Level 3 Valued Member. If you want to improve your hands, I've learned one drill from Systema that has done wonders for my hands. Just take a glove off No other assistance allowed from the other hand, your mouth, any surface, anything. Just put the glove on and wriggle the hand out on its own.

Develops patience and excellent hand mobility and sensitivity You can vary the challenge by changing the glove or trying to do both hands at once I'm currently trying to do it with a nitrile medical glove. Unbelievably challenging. Your hands feel different after one session. JonS Level 7 Valued Member. Last edited: Feb 20, Have you ever tried the gymnastics goose neck grip. I have been using it for hangs and negatives from a bar, and rows and hangs from rings.

Brutal on wrists and forearms burn like hell if you like that sort of thing. My grip on the kettlebell feels a lot stronger after a few weeks of practicing. Google gooseneck chin up. JonS said:. I used to own a copy of mastery of hand strength don't lend strength books to friends and it is a great reference. John Brookfield is the gripmaster. Personally, I believe it better to begin grip strength with some sort of timed hanging bar, towel, etc.

This seems to work the hand as a unit, the hangs filling the static requirements. Once some competency is developed, then I believe that the approach in the book, which tends to be more isolation-oriented, is appropriate. YMMV, given your injury history and occupation. I recommend purchasing either mastery of hand strength or grip masters manual and exploring the movements to discover what may help you. Kyrinov said:. Thanks Jon. Any technique tips or benchmarks I should aim for?

Last edited: Feb 21, There is Dan John's method of doing a pull up every 30sec while hanging from the bar with an eventual goal of 5min and 10 pull ups. GreenSoup Level 2 Valued Member. One of Pavel's grip training methods is to wring out a wet towel of every last drop of moisture over a bucket.

The larger and thicker the towel the better. Rinse and repeat. A free ebook from iron mind that describes the forms of grip, and exercises to target them. They also have ones more gripper specific. GreenSoup said:. I was just reading Grip Master's Manual and it has a lot of unusual grip drills and strongman feats. None of these appear at John Brookfield's home page since he does Battling Ropes there ropes as cardio equipment so if you want some grip drills, overall hand dexterity exercises, or want to bend iron or crush tennis balls he talks well about the technique.

I believe at Ironmind. The programming, something I was particularly looking forward to, disappointed me - it was just that people need to decide what is right for them.

I am also curious about books people might recommend about grip strength. Tarzan Level 4 Valued Member. Last edited: Aug 29, You must log in or register to reply here. This site uses cookies to help personalise content, tailor your experience and to keep you logged in if you register.

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The Grip Master's Manual

And what follows is typical of John: a wide array of innovative techniques and exercises designed to motivate and challenge you -- and to build your hand strength from every conceivable angle, along with your dexterity and muscle control. John, who invented what are now commonly called "strap holds," is also your guide to "climbing the mountain" to close the No. Finally, John leads you through the consummate grip master's repertoire: bending steel bars, bending horseshoes, coiling and scrolling iron, bending nails, and even tearing cards. John wrote this book to help you take your hand strength to the next level, and if you follow his advice, we're sure you will get there and then some. If you want to be a grip master in the true sense of the word, get your hands on The Grip Master's Manual and then go out and crush a can of Coke.

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