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Most widely held works by Andrzej Szaynok. Wydanie IV. Input-output powiettrza of major ions for a forested watershed in western Maryland, Water, Air, Soil Pollut. Sampling of atmospheric precipitation posietrza deposits for analysis of atmospheric pollution, J. Technol, 17, —, Cloud chemistry in the eastern United States, as sampled from three high-elevation sites along Appalachian Mountains, Atmos.

Research on the variability of physic-chemical parameters characterizing acid precipitation at the Jeziory Ecological Station in The Wielkopolski National Park PolandSci. The snows of Interior Alaska, Atmos.

Modern sampling equipment, Design and application. Chemical analyses of the Major ions in the precipitation of Istanbul,Turkey, Environ.

Concentration of ionic compounds in the wintertime deposition: An integrated budget for selected pollutants for a major rural highway, Sci. Spatial and temporal variability of rime ice and snow chemistry at five sites in California, Atmos. Monitoring of ionic concentrations in airborne particles and rain water in an urban area of Central Germany, J. Design and field performance evaluation, Atmos. Heavy metal contamination in soils of urban highways: Source identification and variation in the chemical composition of precipitation and two rural sites in France, Water, Air, Soil Pollut.

Cloud chemistry measurements and estimates of acidic deposition on an above cloud base coniferous forest, Atmos. The acidification Process under the cloud in southwest China: Analysis of precipitation chemistry at a rural site in Hiroshima Prefecture, Japan, Atmos. Study includes an analysis of indicators such as total suspended solids, BOD5, CODCr, selected heavy metal such as, lead, nickel, copper, cobalt and chromium.

Initial snow chemistry survey of the Mogollon Rin in Arizona, Atmos. The effects of motorway runoff on freshwater ecosystems: The influence of location and season on the concentrations of macroions and organic trace pollutants in roof runoff. Water Research, gomk, 3: A comparison of urban and suburban precipitation chemistry, Atmos. Chemical composition of powietrzza in Thessaloniki, Greece, In relation to meteorological conditions, Atmos.

Copper and selenium in rainwater, soils and alfalfa from agricultural ecosystems of Valparaiso region, Chile, Bol. Inorganic ions and hydrogen peroxide, Atmos. Rime and hoarfrost chemistry in Poland — an introductory analysis from meteorological perspective. Base cation and acidic deposition by fog, rain and aerosol at a UK coastal site.

Trace Organic Compounds in Rain. Sensitive determination of inorganic anions at trace levels in samles of snow water from Sierra Nevada Granada, Spain by capillary ion electrophoresis using calyx[4] arene as selective modifier, Chromatographia, 52, —, Erosion of limestone building surfaces caused bywind-d riven rain: Fog and gypsum crystals on building materials, Atmos.

During the study five reservoirs were selected. Relationship in major ions in rime and hoarfrost samples from highly urbanized regions. Soures and fates of aromatic compounds in urban stormwater runoff, Environ. The use of bulk collectors in monitoring wet deposition at high-altitude sites in winter, Water, Air, Soil Pollut.

Measurement of atmospheric deposition under forest canopies: Variations in rainwater quality from roof catchments, Water Res. An automated gokma for fog chemical climatology. Pollution transport from a highway, Sci. Aspects woey wet, acidifying deposition in Arnhem: Atmospheric deposition of triazine herbicides in northern Germany and the German Bight North SeaChemosphere, goomka, —, The significant source of grease substances is wastewater.

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