Then, under Saint Germain's guidance, Godfre, along with his wife, Lotus, created the Saint Germain Foundation in and began sharing with audiences throughout the United States his experiences with Saint Germain as well as with other Ascended Masters and their teachings. My Bill Gaum, the author of this website spiritual teacher, Pearl, became one of Godfre's students. It's largely through Godfre's books that the world first learned about Saint Germain. The following is a brief overview of Godfre Ray King and his experiences. It is an excerpt from a spiritual biography that I'm writing about my spiritual teacher, Pearl Dorris. I hope you find it helpful and inspiring.

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Photo added by Rick Sheridan. Guy Ballard was born in Newton, Kansas and married his wife in Chicago in Ballard served in the U. Army in World War I, and then became a mining engineer. Both Edna and Guy studied Theosophy and the occult extensively. The "I AM" movement started from public lectures about these encounters and grew rapidly in the s.

Ballard lectured frequently in Chicago about Saint Germain's mystical teachings, in which America was destined to play a key role. By , there were claimed to be about a million followers in the United States. The "I AM" Activity describes itself as a spiritual and educational organization. Its main headquarters is the Saint Germain Foundation, with headquarters in Schaumburg, Illinois, a suburb of Chicago.

Ballard claims to have come in contact contact with the Mahatma who was called Saint Germain during a trip to Mount Shasta, California. Ballard, 60, founder and head of "The Great I Am" religious cult.

Ballard, born in Newton, Kan. Ballard at times said he was the reincarnation of George Washington and his wife the reincarnation of Joan of Arc.

He asserted that through "thought octaves" he could defend himself against all enemies and evils. Ballard lived on a lavish scale, riding about in canary colored automobiles. Ballard, 60, founder and head of the religious cult "The Great I Am," were held in private yesterday with his widow preaching his sermon.

Ballard died Friday from a heart attack while in his home at N. Vermont Ave. Following the funeral oration in which the widow said that Ballard had not died but "has ascended to Heaven," the body was cremated. He preached that through "thought octaves" he could defend himself against all enemies, all evils. He was protected by a "wall of light. At times he spoke of being the reincarnation of George Washington and that his wife was the reincarnation of Joan of Arc. He termed his mysterious invisible power K This power came through the spirits of ascended saints, Ballard preached.

In Los Angles Ballard and his leading assistants used a suite of rooms at the most expensive downtown hotel as offices. He also had headquarters in Cleveland, Chicago and New York. Ballard was born in Newton, Kan. Besides his widow he leaves a son and daughter who plan to carry on his work. After a funeral oration by Mrs. Ballard, the former Edna Anna Wheeler, of Chicago, who served as high priestess of the cult, Ballard's body was cremated. He gave up paper hanging about 25 years ago to delve into mysticism.

He started The I Am movement 10 years ago after, he said, he had received a celestial message from St. Germain when he was standing atop Mount Shasta.

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Guy Ballard

Goodreads helps you follow your favorite authors. Be the first to learn about new releases! Follow Author. It is the accumulative energy by which thoughts are propelled into the atomic substance, and thus do thoughts become things. I tell you the need of guarding the feeling cannot be emphasized too strongly for control of the emotions plays the most important part of anything in Life, in maintaining balance in the mind health in the body-success and accomplishment in the affairs and world of the personal self of every individual. From It, you may receive without limit Courage, Strength, Power, Protection, and Guidance which will take you through any ordeal you may ever encounter. The power to feel, experience, and associate with the perfected picture is God's power.


Guy “Godfre Ray King” Ballard

Guy Ballard's birthday was July Guy Ballard brought forth the teachings of the Great White Brotherhood , the Law of the I AM Presence and held the focus of the Christ consciousness for the planet until his ascension on December 31, His wife and twin flame was Edna Ballard, now the ascended lady master Lotus who ascended February 12, Although the requirements for his ascension had been completed several years before he actually ascended, he volunteered to continue in the service of the Brotherhood as their point of contact in the world of form. Through the assistance given him by the Great Divine Director in the Cave of Light, his four lower bodies were aligned and his threefold flame balanced, enabling him to be the channel for many miracles and healings before his ascension. As part of his final service while in embodiment, Godfre took on world karma and expiated it through his physical form, thus sparing humanity great suffering that he himself chose to bear, even as Jesus bore the crucifixion for the sins of mankind.


Godfre Ray King

Would you like to tell us about a lower price? If you are a seller for this product, would you like to suggest updates through seller support? He says to us: "So our work continues always and forever. It is all about individual growth and helping individuals at many different levels of awareness. He talks truthfully about reality and the puzzle of life. With his chosen role of teacher, he continues to help us awaken to who we really are.

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