Come esprimere colle parole la bruttezza orrenda di quella donna! A cinque anni di distanza, Giorgio, militare di carriera nell'esercito con il grado di ufficiale ottenuto per un atto di eroismo, decide di affidare alla carta le memorie di un periodo particolarmente doloroso della sua vita , caratterizzato dall'amore per due donne dai caratteri opposti: Clara e Fosca. I ricordi iniziano quando il giovane militare, in congedo per malattia in quanto cardiopatico, decide di abbandonare il suo odiato villaggio natio per recarsi a Milano , a far visita ad un amico. La ragazza allora era incinta, ma dato il suo fisico debilitato e malato, aveva perso il bambino. Il cugino, sentendosi responsabile per l'accaduto, l'aveva presa con se sotto la sua protezione.

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How to express in words the frustrating ugliness of that woman Fosca! Your beauty, your youth, your graces; You are my angel, you alone; Your noble heart, your soul pious and delicate, your virgin spirit and crippled. Fosca is considered to be the best proof of Tarchetti, one of the main figures of the Milan Scapigliatura, who worked on this novel until his death on 25 March However, he could not complete it: he laid out the two final chapters but the missing part , The Night of Love by Giorgio and Fosca, was written by his friend Salvatore Farina to allow the publication of the work, which came out on bands on the Pungolo , that same year.

The story, in narrative fiction, originates from a manuscript manzano espionage in which Giorgio, a young officer, first recounts the love passions dating back to five years before, which have profoundly marked his life.

He retired from military life due to heart disease, traveled to Milan where he met Clara, a beautiful young woman, married, with whom she lived an intense relationship of love.

Clara is a twenty-five-year-old girl, tall and robust, but beautiful who casually meets the protagonist, Giorgio. You may think that you have a weak character because you give up the passion of love by abandoning a lion and a husband. He had married a very young man, only sixteen, with a man who was indifferent to him, so that he did not feel any sense; then, for the first time, he tried those very emotions that were part of love, he melted like snow in the sun and He was overwhelmed by that passion.

During this time she takes care of Giorgio in a sweet way and is happy to live this love. Fosca suffered as little as his unconditional love for everyone and never fell.

Provided with robust and fine intelligence, more than other women, he knows he is ugly and therefore has nothing to lose in any field except in that of happiness that, under his conditions, is difficult, where his cousin and friends , Have pity on her and it seems normal to them to be sick. Her illness had severely debilitated her and became deformed and infinitely thin so she could see almost the skeleton through her fine and refined clothes.

His attitude is sweet and kind that almost nullifies his ugliness. Her infirmity also makes her extremely possessive and jealous of Giorgio, whom she loves deeply.

The novel is certainly a great representation of the characters of romance where passion, feeling, inner lacerations and conflicts of consciousness appear.

The form of the text is understandable, although sometimes it is necessary to reread the same phrase several times to understand its multiple meanings. The author decides to narrate the events in the form of an inner monologue, letters, and concise direct discourses. Even if the author wants to believe that the text is only the result of a rediscovered manuscript, one can well understand that these loves and passions have been lived by him in person and not to forget he has decided to write his memories to which he holds so much that they made it become what it is.

The author wants to put the two loves with the name: Clara a healthy and beautiful woman with whom the protagonist lives a limpid and happy love, Fosca woman sick and infinite ugliness with which the protagonist lives a turbulent and melancholic love.

Giorgio is an exemplary man who because of his excessive goodness of love gives too much to Fosca and ends up getting sick and even once he is physically healed remains indelibly in his heart and memories continue to torment him.

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