NATCA promised to never condone an illegal strike but does actively pressure Congress and the FAA to hire more controllers and to accelerate the installation of advanced air traffic control systems. When the parties could not reach an agreement on a new contract, the FAA chose to follow the process enacted by Congress and unilaterally implemented new terms and conditions of employment. Union officials point to these changes to explain the drastic drop in the numbers of veteran air traffic controllers staying past their eligible retirement age, causing an insufficient staffing issue along with a very bottom-heavy, inexperienced demographic structure of the controllers. The originally introduced Reauthorization Bill would have forced the FAA back into negotiations with the NATCA and included a month limit to the bargaining, followed by arbitration if no consensus is reached. The union hopes that these negotiations will help alleviate the staffing insufficiencies, the increasing amount of delays, and help modernize the air traffic control technology.

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National MOUs Please click here. Joint Templates and Associated Instructions. Please click here. What rolls over from the current contract, and what changes in the tentative CBA? Please click here for a brief summary of each Article in the CBA. Archive: Membership Updates. We have been working with the Agency to anticipate questions regarding the implementation of credit hours.

As an example, those presently on a CWS i. We have identified an option and are finalizing the details of a path forward to convert all those on a CWS to a Maxiflex FWS so they can earn and use credit hours if they elect to do so.

We are creating a national resolution in order to ensure consistency across all facilities. There are challenges associated with the conversion, but we are jointly overcoming them and we expect to have a resolution soon. If you have any question or concerns with any portion of the implementation of your new CBA, please contact your facility representative.

We are aware that there are issues with the use of Webschedules WMT to track credit hours. The coding process to update CASTLE has already started but it will not be completed and tested until the end of pay period 17 on August 20, The testing of this update is already underway and should also be completed by the end of pay period In the interim, we encourage those who volunteer to work credit hours to keep track of your hours manually so they can be compared to your earnings and leave statement once CASTLE is able to record credit hour information.

We are proud of this new agreement and remain confident that while the early stages of the implementation may create challenges, we will work together to ensure the successful implementation of the Slate Book. The contract went into effect on July 24, We look forward to solidifying our collaborative relationship for years to come. This contract incorporates all of our collaborative principles and processes and will provide stability for our workforce for the next six years.

The signing ceremony is scheduled for July 14, , and your new contract will become effective on July 24, That Act restored basic collective bargaining rights to tens of thousands of union members within the FAA — rights that are the very heart and soul of a union. We negotiated this agreement under the framework established by that Act. Over the past six years we have developed processes to ensure collaboration at the national, regional, and local levels. This new contract will ensure that collaboration continues and grows throughout its term.

We believe this new agreement will allow you to continue to focus your attention to the important tasks of maintaining the safety and efficiency of the NAS. Your skills and professionalism are on display each and every day as millions of people rely on us to help provide safe air travel and for that we thank you.

We also want to offer a special thank you to our Contract Negotiating Team, our National Executive Board, our facility representatives and local executive boards, our committees, our workgroups, our collaborative process representatives, our hundreds of safety and technology representatives who are helping us deliver meaningful achievements in our commitment to modernization, our National Office staff, and every one of you who has contributed your time and energy to our collective efforts.

This agreement builds upon the foundation we set with our last contract, including our efforts to modernize the National Airspace System and continue providing the flying public with the safest, most efficient airspace system in the world.

This tentative agreement culminates a swift, and very effective interest-based bargaining process that began in January. The current collective bargaining agreement was signed in , and extended in Together, NATCA and the FAA have continued to work successfully on safety and modernization, labor relations, professional standards, training, and many other important issues.

These interest-based negotiations reflect that same commitment to successful collaboration. The CBA, once ratified, will remain in effect for six years. This CBA will provide stability for the workforce and ensure continued collaboration for the employees who provide the safest airspace system in the world.

The tentative agreement culminates a swift, and very effective interest-based bargaining process that began in January. NATCA will now send the agreement to its members for a ratification vote. This CBA will provide stability for the workforce and ensure continued collaboration for the employees who provide the safest air transportation system in the world.

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NEWSCLIP-2009-08-17: NATCA And FAA “Reach Deal” On Labor Contract



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