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The majority of studio hum is due to ground loops, where multiple ground paths permit low levels of mains-frequency current to circulate around the system. Disconnecting one end of a cable screen can work in some balanced systems, but it isn't a complete solution and shouldn't be applied to unbalanced systems. In fact, the most reliable way of preventing ground loops is to use an audio transformer to isolate the two problematic pieces of equipment from each other, and that's exactly the approach used in the Ebtech devices under review here.

Available in both two- and eight-channel rackmount versions, the Hum Eliminator provides full electrical isolation between the inputs and outputs and also provides a simple and effective means of converting between balanced and unbalanced signals. Because the circuitry uses only transformers, which are passive devices, no power is needed. Both the ins and outs are on balanced jacks, and balanced-to-unbalanced conversion, in either direction, is achieved simply by plugging in an unbalanced jack cable connected to the unbalanced equipment.

The high-quality transformers used in these boxes have a flat frequency response from 20Hz to 70kHz within plus or minus half a decibel, their distortion is very low at 0. This suits the vast majority of line-level signals and, because the transformer's headroom is limited only by magnetic saturation, all the variants of line level can be handled effortlessly.

These are physically identical to the Hum Eliminators, but use level-matching transformers that can convert in either direction between the two common studio levels. Of course this approach still sorts out ground loop problems at the same time, and line level conversion may be useful where you need to connect pro level sources into consumer mixers and soundcards that operate at dBV.

The only test you need to do on these units is to see if the input and output signals sound identical, and to my ears they do.

Good transformers aren't cheap, so this isn't exactly a budget solution, but the UK price is still attractive enough when you consider the havoc that hum can wreak in an otherwise well-designed system. Previous article Next article. New forum posts Re: Where is Administration soundonsound. Recent topics Where is Administration soundonsound. The analogue-summing '3D' effect: what actually is it?

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Ebtech LLS2, LLS8 & HE2, HE8

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Morley Ebtech Hum Line Level Shifter2



Line Level Shifters


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