Please join StudyMode to read the full document. I walked into the window and stood there, looking over attheir cottage. It took him allthree trips. It focused on a specific area in America Siler City and the many effects that race has on it. The video focused on Siler City, North Carolina because it has been a hotspot of racial controversy over the years. Many issues have risen in Siler City that are prime examples if not better examples of problems involving race throughout the country.

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To browse Academia. Skip to main content. By using our site, you agree to our collection of information through the use of cookies. To learn more, view our Privacy Policy. Log In Sign Up. San Agustin. Leader: Lacson, Kaye Zildjan D. Scene 1 Belle: They have set down a line of adobe blocks, three blocks wide and two blocks deep, acoss the lawn between their cottage and ours. Narrator : Yes, I know. He carried tge blocks in the baggage compartment of their car.

It took him all three trips, He had boys with him to help. And I know where he got those blocks too. They have a pile of adobe blocks. You see it from the bus line everytime. Belle: They have defined limits. Narrator: Fences make good neighbors. Belle: It might as well be the great wall of China. Narrator: Well not really. Belle: I said she is no Turk but she keeps playing the Turkish March. Belle: The least thing they could have done is to tell us first about it. Out of regards for our feelings shouldn't they have asked us how we feel about a fence?

Belle: They have no regard for us. They don't care what we think. They don't think what we feel. Belle: Don't you think they should have at least gone to us and said: Look here, you! We are putting up this boundary, see? You keep to your side of these markers and we will keep to ours, understand?

Narrator: Do you really think that? Belle: Yes, I do. Belle: Well, You can start thinking about it now. Narrator: What the! I just got had an accident and snapped the lid shut. Narrator: Well, then get off. Narrator: What about her? What makes you think so? Belle: I have given her things. They don't seem to make an impression on her.

I gave her cheese on her last birthday. She didn't even thank me. Narrator: Oh. Note that in it self. Only the demonstrativeness: as if to show that she is his and he is hers. Belle: What about the demonstrativeness of her puttering about her garden in very short shorts? Narrator: I don't like demonstrativeness.

Belle: Well, It was as much yours as it was mine. Narrator: When you visited this area for the first time to look at these cottages, did you have toride with them in the car?

Belle: He was going to look at the cottages himself. Narrator: He was only being friendly and the second time you looked at the cottages was he looking at the cottages too- and the third time? Belle: That was or our going to be neighbors.

Narrator: There are forty cottages in this area. Belle: Why did we have to pick this one right upnext to theirs? It was as much your choice as it was mine. Narrator: So it was, it can't be helped. Belle: No, it can't. Narrator: All right, then. Get off. Get off them and get of me. Belle: But you must do something.

Narrator: What about? Belle: They didn't see the adobe markers, right Narrator: They have been laid near our cottage than theirs. Their half of the lawn is bigger than ours. Is that right? Belle: You mean the halves are not equal? The halves are not halves? Belle: What's the matter with you? Narrator: What's the matter with him?

Isn't he a doctor of mathematics or something? A fine doctor of mathematics he's turn out to be if he can't even divide by two! Belle: What's eating you?

Narrator: Maybe he should have brought a survey team with him and used a transit, a plumb line,and a pole. Maybe he could divide by two then. Maybe he could even divide by ten. Belle: Don't tell me. Tell him, tell them. Narrator: For crying out loud, Belle.

Belle: Go ahead. Go over. Tell them off. Tell them where to get off. If you won't, I shall. Narrator: Get off me. Belle: If you don't, I shall. I shall right now. Narrator: For crying out loud, Belle I don't know them well enough to speak to them.

I shall write them a note. Belle: All right. Mozart and mathematics. Short and sweet, I hope he likes it. Neighbor: Can I see you for a minute? Narrator: Me? Neighbor: Yes, you. Narrator: Won't you come up? Neighbor: No. I much rather talk to you in the street. Narrator: All right. If that's the way you feel about it.

What about? What for? What are you talking about?


Divide by Two - Francisco Arcellana

He didn't put any date nor sign his name. Belle insisted that their neighbors should have informed them about the fence. Her husband seemed to have no interest about it after all. Their conversation became more serious and intense when the music already gone. He tried to turn on his range disc player but Belle shut it. He was annoyed with her.


Divide by Two by Francisco Arcellana

God knows that I hate the sight of violence, But is it really violence I cannot stand? Isn't it rather truth? I walked to the window and stood there, looking over at their cottage. The piano music from the cottage came strong and clear. It took him all three trips. He had three boys with him to help.

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Upon the confrontation of two men, he shouted at him which noted that he lacked of good manners. He might be a construction worker or farmer or anything that requires much manpower. It means that he have gone a very hard work as associated In the first explanation. Just like when his wife almost went out to confront their neighbors, he decided to write a note instead. But when the music stopped, he came back to the reality.



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