Il Caproni Ca. Inizialmente progettato come aereo di linea venne riconvertito all'uso bellico ed utilizzato nel teatro bellico coloniale italiano. Il Ca. Altri progetti.

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It is not affiliated with any of manufacturers or vendors discussed here. All logos and trade names are the property of their respective owners. Ace Big Bingo. Frederick Witt Contact options for registered users. Anyone have one of these or remember them?

I just picked one up second hand and need to know the CoG. I'm planning on using my MDS 1. Add pictures here. Add image file. Bold Italic Underline. Upload Image. Add reply. Rate this thread. Brad Contact options for registered users.

I just completed the slightly smaller version last fall. I bought it from an old guy who was selling out and the kit was in the box like new. I have often wondered what year these planes came out. The plane is a bit heavy compared to the kits of today. I built mine with a. One shocker for me was how fast this plane leaves the ground on take off, it lifts off way quicker than most planes will.

I'm talking 30 feet down the runway and your in the air. Rolls are on the slow side, it helps to nose up some before entering the roll as altitude will be lost. The plane fly's very smooth and with grace, I would compare it to a Piper Cub. It was sort of neat building a kit that had sit in the box for years, not to mention that I got it for near nothing.

Good luck with yours, post your thoughts about it, I would enjoy reading it. Both are constant chord wings. Both planes are great fliers and very predictable and floaters which is why i droop both ailerons,helps plane settle in quicker. Th sig 4 stars use the same droop in ailerons and even furnish a gage fo this purpose. Thanks for the info. How would you rate the power of the BGX for this plane? I have a very good running MDS 1. I get around rpm with a apc prop.

Is this enough? Brad, Kroflite, I saw a Big Bingo fly at our field and watched him for a couple o flights and found myself grinning at how smooth and elegant the plan looked in the air. A week later I was still grinning. I decided that if just watching i fly made me feel that good then I needed to get one I scoured the web for one and lucked out finding one after about tw weeks. It's here and it's SO beautifully built that I'm just no feeking ready for it yet.

So I went after a big biplane that doesn' look so perfect! I want to get my confidence up before I take the Big Bingo out! Kroflite, how similar is the smaller one to the big one in flyin characteristics? Is it pretty much the same? My big bingo weighs in at 18lbs. Thes planes are a joy to fly. I wish some mfg would bring thses two planes back as arfs. Beautiful weather in KY today so I took the Bingo out for a few flights.

I wanted to ask you guys that fly Bingo's if you have problems getting the plane to touch down on landing. I am having problems when the plane first touches the ground it starts to hop and take off again two props broken today.

I have also seen this when I am trying to flair before touch down the up and down begins. I have flown planes for years and have never experienced this before. I tried coming in fast but the plane flys so well that you cannot get it to come down and when I forced it to the ground the bounce was much worse and broke a prop. Does anyone have a remedy for me.

In the air this plane is awesome and man that ST. Deagostini Spitfire Flying model. Share To. Keep me logged in. Register new account I forgot my password. Save Edits Use Original Image.


Dipartimento Funzione Pubblica Prime Jet Pro - Kit EPP (verde / viola)



Ace Big Bingo


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