David Nevue born is an American solo piano composer and a pianist and the founder of online radio station "Whisperings: Solo Piano Radio". Nevue established the "Whisperings: Solo Piano Radio" internet radio station in August as a vehicle for promoting his own particular brand of piano music. Whisperings started out as part of the Live Whisperings radio is supported by paid subscriptions from listeners who prefer commercial-free broadcasts.

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However, this album is not about sadness nor sorrow, but rather a testimony to the spiritual process of passing through it. I remember watching David Nevue perform once. An attentive group of people witnessed a great transformation as he sat at the big piano with a small spotlight on his face. We would soon know how much he was illuminated from within. His concentration was visibly intense, his mood serious and his gestures betrayed his passion. That was the word that came to mind that summer evening and still does today as I listened to his latest album Overcome.

The music is moody and moving, happy and pensive. And above all impassioned. Then the melody matures into a powerful song of emotion and celebration. Like a religion, it seeps into your being and your soul and gives you purpose and a zest for living. Music is a grace. One of my favorites on Overcome is a delightful light tune called Winter Walk. Where I live the snow falls in big puffy flakes. For some strange reason it falls mostly at night.

You wake to a white, fluffy gift the next morning. And for some other strange reason it disappears the next day. You have to appreciate what the day brings you. This song is the soundtrack for the snowfall. Take My Life and Let it Be is a remarkable piece. The melody was familiar to me from a long time ago. Written as a prayer in the middle s, its power and strength are just as potent today.

Words and prayers last forever. This is an instrumental piece of course, but this stanza from the lyrics seems to suit David quite well.

Take my silver and my gold; Not a mite would I withhold. Take my intellect, and use Every power as Thou shalt choose, Every power as Thou shalt choose. Another notable tune is called Broken. It seems to me to be a bit moody and yet I was drawn to it several times. It is the sound of surrender. Not the act of giving in, but giving over to something.

A belief, a hope, perhaps a new path. The Vigil is the best cut on the album. Lots of strong melody here with complexities surrounding a passionate theme. It seems as though every waking moment of our lives is spent in vigil. We watch and we wait for something extraordinary to happen. Sometimes it does, but it just takes a squint of the eyes or heart to see it happening. He was stirred to write these poignant words despite his encounter with catastrophe.

And Lord, haste the day when my faith shall be sight, The clouds be rolled back as a scroll; The trump shall resound, and the Lord shall descend, Even so, it is well with my soul. Surely we can not assume that his talent just comes out of the blue, can we? He is one of the strongest promoters of independent music on the internet.

He has more than nine album attributed to him and his talent seems to have no end. Not only is he inspired, but his music is truly inspiring to others. Creating a solo piano CD is kind of like creating a web page, it's like a drop in the ocean Don't get me wrong, I "love" good solo piano music, and you'll find many good piano soloists on the Smiling Ear Internet Radio.

But to achieve a great recording, the combination of good song writing, good playing and good sound quality can be very difficult to achieve. It's just you and the piano But David has his own unique style. His compositions are introspective and very tender. His piano playing technique is outstanding and simply wonderful to listen to. The title track, "Overcome" is one of my favorites followed by "Winter Walk". Both of these tracks have a very delicate quality, but are also quite powerful.

You'll find that David's work can envoke many emotions. All the songs on the CD are very good. Listening to the entire CD was extremely relaxing, and my wife and I continuously enjoy listening to this CD at the end of a busy day It has a very calming quality to it, and I highly recommend "Overcome" as a welcome addition to your soothing collection of music.

Nevue emphasizes in the liner notes that the focus of the album is not sadness or sorrow, but the process of passing through it. Several of the pieces are very intense and convey the mix of emotions that comes with the death of a loved one.

Some are quite dark, but the hymns bring light and a sense of healing. The crystalline opening notes in the upper register are chilly and clear. The rest of the piece is more introspective with the leisurely pace of a long walk to think things through and to just let yourself feel.

The feeling is very sad, but not without hope. Alternately introspective and almost dancelike, it reflects a contrast of emotions. As an artist, David Nevue keeps reaching new heights by setting his life experience and faith to music.

His music is not complicated or flashy, but comes from deep within, letting us know him and his heart in a way that words would never do. Very highly recommended! For me, reviewing deeply personal albums i. In the case of Overcome, the task is doubly daunting, since David Nevue's excellent album is basically the musical version of the grieving process over his beloved father's death. Having lost my own father, I also had to filter out as much of my grief as possible.

With all that out of the way, I can happily report although happily is a poor choice of words, I suppose that Overcome is one of the better piano releases of recent memory. Carefully and artistically nuanced, the artist balances dramatic and powerful pieces with subdued tone poems that are emotionally more ambiguous, as well as including some interpretations of hymns and songs of worship.

The overall effect of the CD blends reflection and introspection with occasions where Nevue's pain and loss come through via more dramatic and forceful melodies and playing.

Nothing here is particularly light or cheery, of course, although per the liner notes, Nevue has reached not just an acceptance of his father's death, but a degree of triumph since, in his words, "I also want to emphasize that the focus of this album is NOT sadness or sorrow, but rather, the process of passing through it.

The album opens with the uptempo but darkly tinted title track and through the remaining fifteen tracks crosses through moments of quiet somberness "winter walk" , gentle nostalgia the hymn "take my life and let it be" , delicate George Winston-like melodicism "treasure falls" , dramatic intensity "the vigil" , warm yet sad new age sensibility "words left unsaid" , gospel-ish low-key spirituality "the old country church" and closes with peaceful serenity and a dash of joy "it is well with my soul".

Technically, as with other David Nevue recordings I've heard, engineering and production are excellent. The piano sounds rich and clear, with particular attention to the high end, in my opinion.

Artistically, while I didn't "like" Overcome as much as Nevue's previous effort, Sweet Dreams and Starlight, I think it's an excellent album and certainly one I can recommend, provided the listener can handle the emotional weight of the album's concept and intent.

It's not an easy listen sometimes, but not because of any fault of the music, but rather the unflinching gaze that the artist has trained on his own inner self. Baring one's soul seldom comes easy, but in David Nevue's case, he has done so with grace and beauty and also uncompromising integrity and honesty.

Overcome is a boldly personal musical statement from an artist of talent and vision. I've played it about a dozen times in the past days and we love it. Interestingly enough, my teenage daughters really like it, and that makes me smile because I've wanted them to have a deeper appreciation for piano.

I been frustrated for a good while because I hadn't taken the time to look for a solo piano that fit my taste. I could not be more pleased. I intend on ordering other CD's by you as I can afford.

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