Like a short shattering. Classical Delay for up-tempo music BPM. Classical Delay for mid-tempo music BPM. Classical Delay for slow-tempo music BPM. Classical Delay for reggae-tempo music BPM.

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Preset Effects on Xenyx FX. I've got a small Xenyx FX mixer which we use for vocals in our rehearsal room. It has inbuilt effects in the internal effects processor, but these aren't listed anywhere except on the console itself, which just says things like "REVERB " Is there a list of the effects which I can download and print out so we can know what we are listening to?

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We love to help you. Other Links. Contributor - Level 2. Brands: Behringer. Tags 1. Tags: Live Sound. MikeBest Contributor - Level 2 Thanks Glenn, much appreciated Unfortunately it doesn't seem quite right though.

Are the preset effects the same for all Xenyx mixers? I've been playing with the effects on the and many of them are definitely not as per the list you've supplied. Is there a different list of FX for the ? Cheers and thanks again for your help Mike.

Hi Mike, Sorry about that, please try this list. This should be the same for your mixer. Perfect, thanks Glenn!

Contributor - Level 1. Thanks, I wornder why this detailed list does noy appear in the mixer documentation. Neither one of these lists is correct. I am looking for a description of these effects. Maybe suggested uses for them. Hi Ron, attached you'll find the presets list required. Best Regards, Mauro. Xenyx FX Presets List. Discover News Community Announcements. Music Tribers We Empower. You Create. Updates Get Latest Forum Updates.

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Behringer XENYX 1002FX Effects



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