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This single user 8 port switch has an on-screen display OSD and supports a x high video resolution that is ideal for graphical applications. With a 1U high design, the compact SwitchView 8-port switch does not compete for valuable rack space in SMB server rooms. The SwitchView KVM switch password protection feature gives you the benefit of added security access to your business-critical servers. Info Related Questions Reviews. Question: does it have a reset button?

Answer: The manual does not reference a reset button. You can also load the default factory settings from the OSD Control menu. We have uploaded the manual for you convenience. If you are looking for a password reset, you may need to contact Avocent directly. Question: Hi, We have a large display screen in our office, we want to be able to view any one of 3 machines on it at any time.

One of the machines is a desktop with its own keyboard and mouse, monitor, the other 2 are laptops with a second display attached. We want to be able to plug in to USB when required and replicate the machines display onto the main display screen.

Will this KVM allow me to do this? Answer: Based on the preliminary information, it sounds like a KVM switch such as this would be an adequate solution. However, there is some more information to consider before determining if this particular product is the best choice. Particularly, the application of the laptops in the solution and how the "secondary displays" are integrated.

Please give us a call at to discuss. Answer: Thank you for your inquiry. This product is not specifically mentioned as being NIAP approved. Question: Does the kvm come with necessary cables?

To offer the greatest flexibility in selecting cable lengths, this switch doesn't ship with KVM cables. The unit does ship with a rackmount kit, power supply, daisy-chain cable, upgrade cable and a ground terminator. Question: com port cable one site com port which port second side Answer: Thank you for your inquiry. If we understand your question correctly, the one end of the firmware upgrade cable should attach to the RS serial port of the host server.

Question: i am using this product but right now i have a problem it just says "cable not connected" but i plugged correctly like previous i used. Unfortunately, detailed product support is beyond the scope of this simple FAQ. There are a number of reasons why your KVM might have connectivity issues, all dependent on the particular environment. After making sure all the cables are fully seated, one of the next steps would be to "power cycle" the KVM to see if that helps.

Power cycle the 8SV by unplugging the AC-DC adapter wall pluggable power supply and waiting for one full minute and then plugging it back in. We are having a hard time confirming this, but all the literature shows the same power information for all SwitchView switches.

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The 4SV is flash upgradeable for fast and easy updates. The password protection feature gives you the benefit of added security access to your business-critical servers. Info Related Questions Reviews. Question: hi;i get password protect with this product. Can you help me to reset this password? Answer: Thank you for your inquiry.


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