Nowe wydania. Dla wszystkich od 10 lat. Listen to the entire Alcoholics Anonymous Big Book as well as audiobooks, audio courses, and speaker tapes to help you stop drinking, live sober, and recover from alcoholism. Bob has helped millions of men and women give up alcoholism and drug addiction. Learn from inspiring stories by Al-Anon speakers. Get tips on how to quit substance abuse through the use of the 12 step program.

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Anonimowi Alkoholicy, str. Medytacja "Chwalmy Pana! To spraw Jump to. Sections of this page. Accessibility Help. Email or Phone Password Forgot account? See more of Anonimowi Alkoholicy Holandia on Facebook. Log In. Forgot account? Not Now. Visitor Posts. Hoop Morek. Information about Page Insights Data. Before its creation, there was little hope for alcoholism patients.

Many survivors found shelter in the quiet AA marina: it could be called a renewer of stray souls. People who suffer from personality problems, fall into alcoholism are given here: not only a way to free themselves from addiction, but also a new, better way of life. Question: Have I received a better life in a gift from the Community? Meditation God speaks quietly and gently to you through your thoughts and feelings - so he felt out loud of conscience, for he is the voice of the Higher Force.

Following him, you will never endanger yourself to disappointment. This silent, gentle voice will calm your distray nerves; it will breathe in you strength and definitely, but it will also move you; it will be your power and comfort at the same time. The righteousness of your moral attitude is conducive to bold and patient listening to the voice of your own conscience.

Prayer Praying that I listen carefully to the voice of my conscience - which God speaks to me - and always obey his indications.

Reflections - June day 5 Reflections Completely ready " It is actually this step that separates mature people from children The moment we say: " No, never! For we have reached exactly the point where we give up our limited goals and turn to what God thought for us. Do I finally know that I can't save myself? I believed I couldn't do that. Since I am incapable of it, since even my best intentions are distorted, since in my desires I am guided by selfishness, since both my knowledge and will are so limited - then I am ready to fulfill God's will in my life.

Subscription to thoughts and reflection AA on your email Translated. I like waking up in the morning in good health and mood. I'm enjoying my work. Happiness fills me with the love of my children and the trust they have me. I feel light and calm because I'm not harassed by remorse. Satisfaction is provided by the fact that I have finally become someone credible to people.

The beauty of nature gives me delight and emotion. I see my future in bright colors. My life has made sense and heading in the right direction. Question: I probably value all this high, don't I? Meditation By giving shape to your life, from the raw material you have, you should form good and beauty - let your "creation" become an expression of spirit.

Material is a cop we give spiritual character. It is necessary for us to expose selfishness first - which are lined with our desires, motifs, words and progress - and then deal with it to make him a weapon in the fight for truth and good.

By modeling your character and fate, you will see the right direction of change and following this path, you will be able to become a man of noble like. Prayer Praying that by shaping my life, I act for good, truth and beauty.

Praying that I'm not discouraged by the slow pace of changes in me. Reflections - June day 4 Reflections.. After all, we are building a triumphant bow under which we will pass as free people Are we ready for God to remove from us those qualities that we considered to be reservations? Alcoholics anonymous, p. Although I have already used the prayer intensively and richly, in the first six steps I never formally asked my Higher Force for anything.

I recognized the problem, believed there was a solution, decided to find it and finally - "cleaned my backyard". But now I ask myself: Am I really ready to live sobriety, allow transformation, free myself from my old self?

I have to decide if I'm really ready to change. I am doing an overview of what I've already worked on and I am becoming ready for God to free me from all character defects; for in the next step I will tell my Creator that I am ready, and ask Him for help. If I have previously prepared a solid base and if I feel ready to change, I can join the next step. Question: Am I convinced that I don't want to give myself similar "pleasures" anymore? Meditation Love is the power that transforms your life.

Learn to love your family and friends; try to love everyone - even "sinners and villains". Even greater can be your love for God; may it come out of gratitude to Him for the blessings he sends you. With our love we express the highest respect for his gifts and joy of them, thus allowing him to continue generosity.

Fill your heart with gratitude and repeat: "Thank you God", until it becomes your habit. Prayer Praying that I learn to love God and all people. Praying that I don't stop thanksgiving for the benefits sent to me. Reflections - June day 3 Reflections.. We already stress that our readiness to change is necessary.

I was sitting outside praying for readiness when I raised my eyes and saw a huge bird high in the sky. I watched him suddenly surrender to the powerful mountain air current.

Carried by rising, it was quilting, the bird performed acrobatics that fatal birds seemingly cannot perform. It was an inspiring example of a being that "let go" its own inability and gave herself to a force greater than herself. I realized that if a bird "regained its own will" and without showing such great trust, tried to control its own flight, it would only deprived of immeasurable freedom and momentum.

This observation awakened me readiness to refuse Prayer to Step seven. It's not easy to know God's will in all conditions and circumstances. I have to search for her and be ready to surrender to its current - and that's what prayer and meditation helps me with! As I myself am nothing, I ask God to let me know His will and lend me the strength and courage needed to fulfill it today.

I don't feel like trying to remember where I was and what I was doing before "passed out". I'm not in a hurry to shame and embarrassment I felt late for work. Nor do I lack fear at all - this forever sitting on my neck, an inseparable companion.

Question: I'm sure I don't miss all this, am I? Meditation There is no way to believe in God and at the same time to last in selfishness. The old selfish "me" shrink, fades and dies, and the reborn soul carries the mark of God. The purpose of life is to gradually get rid of ego - growing in the love of God and others. At the beginning of the road, your resemblance to the Creator is barely minimal, but over time the image becomes brighter, cleaner, expressive, so that those who deal with you start to see on your example the blessed action of God's grace in human life.

Prayer Praying that I look more and more like God. Praying that I become the incarnation of God's Grace that affects human life. Reflections - June day 2 Reflections.. Their directness and simplicity allows you to put aside any psychological or philosophical inquiries about the right and effectiveness of the Programme.

These words describe what needs to be done; implement steps - and then the result is sobriety. However, they do not mean that I should walk on the road already trampled by others, but rather that I own my own way to sobriety and that I have to find it myself. No one has ever walked my way yet, and it leads to the immeasurable light at the top of the mountain.

Steps indicate both safe poke points and the breakdowns I should beware. They also provide me with tools that I will often need on a lonely journey into my own soul. Talking about this journey, I share with others strength, experience and hope.

Nor for a sad confrontation with the family the next day. Nor for making up lying excuses. Nor for ineffective attempts to bring myself to the state of "use". Question: I don't miss all this, do I? Meditation You were born with a spark of divine in you.

The life you have led over the years has constantly extinguished it; and after all, you should cherish God's flame in yourself, so that it will finally blow in you with a hot desire for good and righteousness.


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