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Users browsing this forum: Google [Bot] and 2 guests. Amtgard 7. Posted: Tue Oct 17, pm. WBW has shown us that there is still some confusion with our newest rule book. Not surprising with the length of time that many of us played under the last sets. Thought it would helpful if we could open some discussion on a few of the rules that seem to be giving people some problems. Teleport is no longer an enchantment and therefore can be cast on bar-bars. The caster chooses location; the player walks straight to said location and must state arriving five times while standing still.

The player may be seen as soon as they start saying arriving but may not be affected until the final chant. Teleporting bar-bars is a nasty tactic that is hard to counter. Remember fireball and call lightning no longer stop bar-bar FAD so you have limited options. Healer stun, Sphere, Assassin trap and Scout earth bind are among the few.

Assassinate is a nifty new ability that severs a victim. To use it the assassin simply kills a foe and states assassinate. There are many more pro magic enchantments available on the field now. Pro flame now allows the wielder of heated weapons to use them Feel free to add or discuss Sir Sparhawk Kingfisher.

Post subject: Re: Amtgard 7. Posted: Wed Nov 01, am. I've been meaning to reply to this for a while. These are all things that people need to be aware of. I still catch myself starting to cast stun and the old incantation comes out. Here are a few more changes that have come about in the new rules: Shot in motion, while previously practiced in several kingdoms was not in ours and had an impact on the way many of us fight.

Multi-shot siege weapons are now only red. Warriors can now wear 7 points of armor. In addition to this, there are now positive modifiers to armor instead of just negative ones. As a result, more armor on the field. Immunities have changed for all classes that had them, especially Paladin and AP.

The 3rd level immunities for Monk have also changed drastically. Also for Monks, the cruise missile is back, but we have sacrificed maneuverability in Sanctuary and the ability to charge Touch of Death on every life. Fight after Death can now only be stopped by Sphere of Annihilation or Single-Shot siege weapons and stun , much to the joy of Barbars everywhere. Many incantations for many spells have changed. Bards get Hold Person at 1st level, drastically increasing their power at low levels.

Dance allows them to cast any other Bard spell while moving and Warskill gives them more points to spend on these spells. Reanimate has totaly changed. This, like confusion, may force the player to attack their own teams. It also falls under the new rule for magic that dead are always considered willing which overrules the new enchantment rule that enchantments may only be placed on willing targets. The double fireball is still possible, but a lot more expensive to cast. Now, if someone has actually spent the points to double fireball me, they have earned the kill in my opinion.

Posted: Wed Nov 01, pm. And while Extension is now a per life spell, it is used up the instant you say "Extension" even if you do not finish the spell you were extending. You're like the Mr. Burns of EH. Posted: Wed Feb 03, am. We've been fortunate at Artus Pass to start wanting to really get as much of the shady areas outlined in the rulebook or not cleared up and what not at such an early stage. So with this said, I'll post some of the things we've run into where we've scratched our noggins and scoured the rulebook or used a life line and phoned a dependable source.

S Q. Does a lighting bolt kill a player if it strikes a players garb but not the player? Can a Bard using Presence throw them self in front of an arrow targeting a different person? So let's hear what ya'll got! In a Ring the Bell scenario, does touching the base and getting struck all within a half second count the same as a shot in motion i. I'll cite rulebook rulings in the next post. I just wanted to get this rolling. Thanks all for your input! Not in the ROP but Forest cleared it up for us.

Posted: Mon Feb 08, pm. Thanks again sir! However, if there is any doubt whether or not the garb blocked a valid hit, err on the side of caution and take the hit. Arrows only count if they hit with the padded head. The spell simply says "Due to respect and awe for the position, all Barbarians will not attack the caster during a life in which Presence is used.

Also, due to professional respect, Druids and Monks of lower level than the caster will not attack the caster. So if they purposefully step in front of an attack that was targeting a different player, they are subject to the effects of that attack.

In a combat situation, the SIM rules apply. But for purposes of determining an in game achievement, the reeve may determine if SIM applies. Posted: Tue Feb 09, am. Mid cast someone says you are "in awe". They then proceed to approach you. Do you finish the cast and then move 20ft away?

Scenario 1: You and your teammate did not hear them cast the spell at all. Scenario 2: You clearly hear them and know they are in range for the spell to land. Scenario 3: A Paladin cast the spell but had sword and board in hand and was engaged in battle when they cast the spell.

Posted: Thu Feb 11, am. You may not finish the spell first. Scenario 2: Get yer butt moving away from them now! Magical Abilities do not require a free hand p. However, the paladin must stand still i. So if he was fighting, but was not moving his feet, then you are in awe my friend. Posted: Sun Nov 21, am. I just read through the resurrect spell and looked at the barbarian berserk abilities and when resurrected they would still be berserk, and the fight after death is only when berserk.

Posted: Sun Dec 12, am. I've a question concerning the wizard side of the house Back in the day, I don't know how many rule sets have passed in the last 9 years, Wiz had Lich.

I see it was removed from the spell list as is Reincarnate, etc. The DUA 8. I'd love to be able to Lich again Posted: Mon Dec 13, am.

I'm not sure about it being new Assassinate, non-magical Sever Spirit ability activated by killing a player and simply stating "Assassinate". Sever Spirit, say that the player may not be raised from the dead by any manner. FAD says that it takes effect right after the player dies. Saying that the player dies, wouldn't Assassinate stop the player from returning to take his or her last 10 seconds of vengeance upon the world?

Familiarity, the first myth of reality: What you know the best, you observe the least. Devotion, the second myth of reality: The faithful are most hurt by the objects of their faith. Conviction, the third myth of reality: Only those who seek the truth can be deceived.

Fellowship, the fourth myth of reality: As the tides of war shift, so do loyalties. Trust, the fifth myth of reality: Every truth holds the seed of betrayal. Posted: Mon Dec 13, pm. I agree, Assassinate, or the Sever Spirit spell, have no impact on F. All that would happen is that it would prevent the barbar from being able to be rezzed after the F.

Posted: Sat Jan 22, pm.


7.7 Rulebook

I have decided to break this guide into three parts. The first is the basics and things to understand while leveling. The third part will tie one and two together and discuss what it takes to be a Master Healer; in other words, how to decimate the enemy team as a Healer. There are a few things you will need to practice, and the best way to learn these is by doing them. Practice is all well and good, but unless you practice how you wish to fight, you will never succeed.


The Kingdom of the Emerald Hills


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