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Free Shipping on All Orders! Contact Account Shopping Cart. For everyone that has been questioning just how good the alpine v-power series amps are. Here is the guts in this MRP-F v-power amp. The digital processor in alpine's amp's is state of the art technology. It monitors the temperatures of various sections of the amp, and automatically reduces power output by 6db if the heat becomes excessive.

Post edited by cam on January MacLeod Posts: 14, December edited December You sure thats not a V12 amp? They dont have a digital Class D in the V Power lineup. Ima thinkin' thats a cutaway of a V12 Class D amp. No this is the v-power series. It shocked the hell out of me also to see that they put processors in the v-power lineup. If you don't believe me go to alpine.

It's much better than the usa website. They explain there products much better there. SportsFan Posts: Hey cam, thanks for this info. I'm looking at this particular amp I'll let you know if I get it, and if I do, how it sounds once it's been installed. Thanks again for the heads up Hey sportsfan you won't regret owning this amp. It is a solid performer. I'd like to see the guts of a V series amp Simple question.

If you had a cool million bucks, what would you do with it? Nothing on the circuit board looks special. PWM is nothing new and it doesn't use very many capacitors, or very high of value even for watts rms Fiberglass reminds me of peanut brittle, only fiberglass tastes better! Hey if anyone is considering owning a alpine v-power amp you better wait, because they have a new series of v-power amps coming out this month.

I saw them in my new crutchfield book. Plus they are going to offer a lot more models of the v-power series this year. Here are the new models. Here is a pic of the new v-power amp. New ones are styled a lot better if you ask me. I would actually consider showing one off now! Seriously the old ones just looked like garbage.

It's not even all that much of a change, but it is definitely a whole lot better looking. Yeah i agree, they don't look near as cheap as the old model one did. Considering that amps are usually mounted either under the seat or in the trunk, the looks of it are the least important aspect to me. Besides, I really don't think the V series amps look that bad at all to begin with. According to what I found, they are 50 X 4, not 75 X 4. Hopefully I won't regret it, because the power appears to be the same as the newer models, and the price was definitely right.

I just double checked in my crutchfield book and it says the MRP-F is rated at 75x4 or x2. Now crutchfield could have made a mistake on it but i doubt it. They are usually on top of there game. Crutchfield does not even have the new alpine v-power series amp listed on there website yet.

These are spankin new products no one even really knows about them yet. Besides it will be awhile before you could get one. They will sell out the first day. Then it takes about a month just to get a few more kinda like what you see with the xbox right now.

Most of the model's you have listed there are the v amps not the v-power amps. So could you post what all information through your Crutchfield source, including specs and price that you have for this particular amp? I'd like to check it out, because I could probably cancel my order and I might be interested in this "new" amp, if it looks like it would be worth it This is all the information i have on them right now.

Im glad they are finally expanding their V Power lineup. I may have to look into some of those when I get tired of my Crossfires. My first thought would be that the 75x4 that Crutchfield is quoting for the MRP-F and if that's not the right model number, forgive me I'm not scrolling up to check it Perhaps Crutchfield is lessening the fifth channel's load in order to get more out of the other four channels.

Beats me. Mac - If you dare even think about replacing those sweet Crossfire amps with some cheap Alpine V-Power series amps Unless, of course, you'll sell me those Crossfire's really cheap!

January edited January Well, I've thought about it some more From everything I've heard and read I've heard that it is much more of a true rating, and that many amps which are rated higher in watts per channel actually are not what they "claim" to be, while this one definitely is.

I guess only time will tell, but to tell you the truth I'm not disappointed with the volume levels and power of my current head unit, so I'm sure that I'll be pleased with the additional power and clarity that this little amp has to offer Most high quality amps will easily and cleanly exceed their rated power however Alpine V Power amps dont.

My 40x4 amp was about 40x4 with little left over. In comparison to my Crossfire 50x4 amp, the 40x4 is less than half the size! Still, they are good amps for the money. Would someone tell me which series is the latest and greatest?

V series or V-Power? The V-Power is below the V Series. Yeah, the V Power is their entry level offering. Nothing fancy. They make their rated power cleanly but not much beyond that. They have good build quality but not astounding and have pretty much no features. The V12 are much better. They cleanly exceed their ratings, are built better and have a lot of cool features.

MacLeod wrote:. The V Power has only the low pass crossover variable from I believe. While you're right about the V Power only having a set low pass crossover variable 80 Hz - don't know about the V I'm not sure what all that means, but I just thought I'd throw it out there A Class D amp is a mono amp used for subwoofers.

Theyre a much more effecient amp and can make more power with less voltage but they arent as clean as a AB. There are actually some full range Class D amps out. I would not want to experiment on those yet though. PoweredByDodge Posts: 4, Crown's class "I" proprietary derivative of D is also full range.

There is no such thing as a digital amp. The "distributor" just switches fast enough on T and I that it can produce full bandwidth power as opposed to only up to or or whatever most standard D's go up to. The audio signal is not converted from analog to digital and then back to analog. The audio signal is piped through the outputs with the "distro" PWM setup being fed a mirror of the signal to be output so as to switch Fet's on and off accordingly. The term "digital" comes from a complete abuse of the word.

Because the output transistors are switched either fully on or fully off pinch off through saturation they call it "digital" -- on or off The power supply looks weak.


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Free Shipping on All Orders! Contact Account Shopping Cart. For everyone that has been questioning just how good the alpine v-power series amps are. Here is the guts in this MRP-F v-power amp. The digital processor in alpine's amp's is state of the art technology.


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The lowest-priced brand-new, unused, unopened, undamaged item in its original packaging where packaging is applicable. Packaging should be the same as what is found in a retail store, unless the item is handmade or was packaged by the manufacturer in non-retail packaging, such as an unprinted box or plastic bag. See details for additional description. This amp is great for mid bass or midrange speakers. Very clear sound. I have not tried bridging it or using it to push a subwoofer so I don't know how it will work for those applications. The only problem I have is that I thought the crossover would be a little bit more flexible.

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