As happens from time to time, I have recently found myself ignoring the copious amount of fantasy books on my shelf. Sometimes it all just gets too much, and I have to revert to my Star Wars novels. However at the completion of Darksaber, I decided to make myself a pile of books that I was to read. On top, was Alison Croggon's The Riddle.

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Maerad may hold answers in herself as well, but cryptically. Her full self has three layers: Maerad, former slave and current Bard; Elednor, foretold to confront the black chaos threatening her continent; and something deeper and more powerful, an Elidhu elemental, possibly pre-mythic being. Her magery skills are crucial to the quest but not strong enough to elide the Elidhu Stormking, who sends stormdogs, ice creatures, landslides and thugs to kill her protectors and kidnap Maerad.

Supremely satisfying. Busy, busy, busy…with portents of doom. Meanwhile, a sudden outbreak of demonic attacks that leave more and more Shadowhunters felled by a mysterious slow poison plunges James and a cohort of allies into frantic searches for both a cause and an antidote.

Characters have a range of skin tones, but ethnic diversity adds no texture to the portrayals; there is a lesbian cousin who wears traditionally male clothing and two young gay men one tortured, the other less so. Cracking page-turner with a multiethnic band of misfits with differing sexual orientations who satisfyingly, believably jell Adolescent criminals seek the haul of a lifetime in a fantasyland at the beginning of its industrial age.

The dangerous city of Ketterdam is governed by the Merchant Council, but in reality, large sectors of the city are given over to gangs who run the gambling dens and brothels. The underworld's rising star is year-old Kaz Brekker, known as Dirtyhands for his brutal amorality. Kaz walks with chronic pain from an old injury, but that doesn't stop him from utterly destroying any rivals. When a councilman offers him an unimaginable reward to rescue a kidnapped foreign chemist—30 million kruge!

There's Inej, an itinerant acrobat captured by slavers and sold to a brothel, now a spy for Kaz; the Grisha Nina, with the magical ability to calm and heal; Matthias the zealot, hunter of Grishas and caught in a hopeless spiral of love and vengeance with Nina; Wylan, the privileged boy with an engineer's skills; and Jesper, a sharpshooter who keeps flirting with Wylan.

Bardugo broadens the universe she created in the Grisha Trilogy, sending her protagonists around countries that resemble post-Renaissance northern Europe, where technology develops in concert with the magic that's both coveted and despised.

Already have an account? Log in. Trouble signing in? Retrieve credentials. Sign Up. Pub Date: Sept. Page Count: Publisher: Candlewick. No Comments Yet. More by Alison Croggon. Page Count: Publisher: McElderry. Review Posted Online: Jan. Show all comments. More by Cassandra Clare. Cracking page-turner with a multiethnic band of misfits with differing sexual orientations who satisfyingly, believably jell into a family.

Page Count: Publisher: Henry Holt. More by Leigh Bardugo. Please sign up to continue. Almost there! Reader Writer Industry Professional. Send me weekly book recommendations and inside scoop.

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The Riddle

The Riddle is a fantasy novel by Alison Croggon. It is the second in her Pellinor tetralogy, continuing from The Naming. It contains, as a result, linguistic and historical appendices and guides which describe the politics of Edil-Amarandh, aspects of the Elidhu , and the Treesong itself. It is stated, as in the text, that none of the Seven Kingdoms have ever been subject to Annaren rule, and provides a visual guide to the Treesong. Maerad and Cadvan continue the search for the Treesong, the key to Maerad's destiny, while fleeing from Enkir, the First Bard of Norloch, who had broken Milana, Maerad's mother, and sold them both into slavery. Enkir sends a sea serpent in pursuit, which the two Bards kill.


The Riddle by Alison Croggon

The second book in the highly acclaimed Pellinor series Maerad is a girl with a tragic and bitter past, but her powers grow stronger by the day. Now she and her mentor, Cadvan, pursued by both the Light and the Dark, are seeking the Riddle of the Treesong - the key to restoring peace in the ravaged kingdom. Maerad's epic quest continues as she travels from terrifying seas to vast stretches of glacial wilderness, drawn ever closer to her enemy the Winterking - the strongest ally of the Nameless One and the greatest tyrant of them all. Alison Croggon. Alison is an award-winning poet whose work has been published extensively in anthologies and magazines internationally. She has written widely for theatre, and her opera libretti have been produced all around Australia. Alison is also an editor and critic.


The Riddle: The Second Book of Pellinor

Look Inside. Their quest to unravel the Riddle of the Treesong leads Maerad over terrifying seas and glacial wilderness, into the grasp of the seductive Winterking and the prison of his icy realm. The wind lives, the snow lives, the ice lives, the mountains live. Rick and ice have their own voices, their own lives, their own breath, their own pulse. Do you deny them that? Beautiful, but cold.

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