This summary is for information only and is not approved for modification of the aircraft. NOTE :. All other changes are major changes. On elevator servo control, one case of rod end rupture and several rod ends cracks have been reported.

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Photovoltaic systems interconnected to the electric network ; Sistemas fotovoltaicos interconectados a la red electrica. This presentation is about the project carried out in the State of Baja California, Mexico, more specifically in the region called Mexicalli. In the first part, there are given the reasons and the effects developed in this region due to the climatologic changes occurred every summer. In effect, there are described both the cause and the economic impact representing for those families that live around there, the summer's arrival.

Such participation is translated on a project that shows the feasibility of installing photovoltaic systems on households. Next, it is given a description of both its methodology and its performance. Then, it is firstly given the positive effect in both issues economic and environmental and secondly the general parameters of the installation of the system on the households of the complex Valle de las Misiones.

In addition, it is mentioned the method that would be used in order to get a bigger impact as well as better coverage of the system. En la primera parte, se presentan las causas y las consecuencias que ocasionan los cambios climatologicos desarrollados en esta region durante el verano; es decir, se describe la razon y el impacto economico que representa para las familias de esta region la llegada del verano.

Mota, A. Nowadays, the information access in communication networks is widely explored due to the increase of Internet users. However there are some problems related to the usage of this technology: adequate data transmission rates and generation of acceptable levels of electromagnetic interference EMI.

This work had the objective of studying the performance of PLC systems in medium voltage electrical networks , through the assess of data transmission rates and the generated EMI. Tests were carried out in a test field that corresponded to a medium voltage electrical network and the obtained results show that, under some circumstances, the PLC system does not reach the existent technical recommendations.

Protection of electricity distribution networks. Written by two practicing electrical engineers, this second edition of the bestselling Protection of Electricity Distribution Networks offers both practical and theoretical coverage of the technologies, from the classical electromechanical relays to the new numerical types, which protect equipment on networks and in electrical plants. A properly coordinated protection system is vital to ensure that an electricity distribution network can operate within preset requirements for safety for individual items of equipment, staff and public, and the network overall.

Suitable and reliable equipment sh. Directory of Open Access Journals Sweden. Multi nodal load forecasting in electric power systems using a radial basis neural network ; Previsao de carga multinodal em sistemas eletricos de potencia usando uma rede neural de base radial. Altran, A. This paper presents a methodology for electrical load forecasting, using radial base functions as activation function in artificial neural networks with the training by backpropagation algorithm.

This methodology is applied to short term electrical load forecasting 24 h ahead. Therefore, results are presented analyzing the use of radial base functions substituting the sigmoid function as activation function in multilayer perceptron neural networks. However, the main contribution of this paper is the proposal of a new formulation of load forecasting dedicated to the forecasting in several points of the electrical network , as well as considering several types of users residential, commercial, industrial.

Specification for the interconnection to a electric network of low tension of photovoltaic systems with 30 kW of capacity; Especificacion para la interconexion a la red electrica de baja tension de sistemas fotovoltaicos con capacidad hasta 30kW.

First of all, there are found the objectives of the photovoltaic system interconnected to the electric network SFVI.

Then, there are mentioned the places where such sort of systems could be installed; besides, it is shown a diagram explaining the process of such systems. At the same time, there are briefly explained the components that are necessaries for their properly operation.

Some of the elements previously mentioned are: photovoltaic generator GFV , inverter, interface, and logic circuits and the control. It is shown a diagram with the location of the electrical disconnect switches. Then, it is shortly explained the place where the SFVI should be connected and there are given some requisites that are important to fulfill in order to have everything updated.

Finally, it is mentioned the methodology that should be followed in order to supervise that everything works in a properly way, this last issue is carried out by CFE. En primer lugar, se encuentran los objetivos que tiene el uso de SFVI. Enseguida, se muestra un diagrama que explica el proceso que dichos sistemas realizan. Asimismo, se explican brevemente los elementos que, de uno u otro modo, son necesarios para el adecuado funcionamiento del SFV.

Ademas, se muestra un diagrama con la ubicacion de los interruptores de desconexion. Luego, se explica escuetamente el lugar donde se debe de conectar el SFVI, ademas de algunas condiciones que se deben de cumplir para que no haya mayores contratiempos. Finalmente, se. Jimenez Grajales, H. In Mexico, the incident solar radiation is high enough, that encourage its use both to produce process heat or electricity trough solar cells in autonomous configurations or grid.

In European countries with substantially lower irradiation levels such as Germany or Spain. Of the benefits that electricity production modality provides both the user and to the electricity grid and also the technical benefits for the utilities for incorporating distributed generation at its distribution system. In Mexico, more and more people are motivated to invest in this type of technology. The reported results in this paper come from data analyzed by the Electrical Research Institute IIE for a three year monitoring period.

The paper includes meteorological information, energy and power balances, maximum power, standard production, system losses, efficiency of the photovoltaic generator and inverters, among other performance information.

The document highlights the impact that the PV system on electricity consumption user billing from the utility, and some recommendations are provided on what must be done in order get out from the HCDC classification and the economic benefits of it.

En paises europeos con niveles de irradiacion sustancialmente inferiores - i. Espana o Alemania- esta. Neuro-fuzzy-wavelet network for detection and classification of the voltage disturbances in electrical power system; Rede neuro-fuzzy-wavelet para deteccao e classificacao de anomalias de tensao em sistemas eletricos de potencia. Malange, Fernando C. A methodology for identifying and classifying voltage disturbances harmonics, voltage sag, etc. It is an ART adaptive resonance theory architecture family neural network that presents the stability and plasticity properties, which are fundamental requests for developing a reliable electrical systems with reduced processing time.

Stability means a guarantee of good solutions; plasticity allows realize the training without restart the system every time there are new patterns to be stored in a weight matrix of the neural network. The training is realized from the wave forms provided by the acquisition data system, using the wavelets theory to generate the coefficients that constitute the input patterns of the neural network. Wireless system for location of permanent faults by short circuit current monitoring in electric power distribution network ; Sistema wireless para localizacao de faltas permanentes atraves da monitoracao da corrente de curto-circuito em redes de distribuicao de energia eletrica.

Machado, A. Faculdade de Engenharia Eletrica], E-mail: walbarra ufpa. This paper presents the development of an automatic system for permanent short-circuits location in medium voltage When a permanent failure occurs, the developed system uses mobile telephony GSM text messages SMS to inform the power company operation center where the failure most likely took place.

With this information in real time, the power company operation center may provide the network restoration in a faster and efficient way. Electrical utilities have been constantly searching for ways to improve the management of their power distribution systems. The geographic information systems GIS are perfectly adapted to the requirements of the distribution network management, since both involve manipulation, treatment, analysis and visualization of great volumes of geo referenced data having related spatial and topological features, aggregated to descriptive attributes of entities inherent to distribution networks.

However, there are difficulties in the processes of acquisition of the necessary data bases mapping and network , since those tasks absorb most part of the required investments. There have been attempts to solve this problem through the development of new data acquisition techniques, specially a more intense utilization of digital collectors connected to GPS Global Positioning System receptors.

Nations increasingly trade electricity , and understanding the structure of the global power grid can help identify nations that are critical for its reliability. This study examines the global grid as a network with nations as nodes and international electricity trade as links. We analyze the structure of the global electricity trade network and find that the network consists of four sub- networks , and provide a detailed analysis of the largest network , Eurasia.

Russia, China, Ukraine, and Azerbaijan have high betweenness measures in the Eurasian sub- network , indicating the degrees of centrality of the positions they hold. The analysis reveals that the Eurasian sub- network consists of seven communities based on the network structure. We find that the communities do not fully align with geographical proximity, and that the present international electricity trade in the Eurasian sub- network causes an approximately 11 million additional tons of CO2 emissions.

Modelling and designing electric energy networks. The author gives an overview of his research works in the field of electric network modelling.

After a brief overview of technological evolutions from the telegraph to the all- electric fly-by-wire aircraft, he reports and describes various works dealing with a simplified modelling of electric systems and with fractal simulation. Then, he outlines the challenges for the design of electric networks , proposes a design process, gives an overview of various design models, methods and tools, and reports an application in the design of electric networks for future jumbo jets.

Electricity networks : how 'natural' is the monopoly? This article deals with the changing economic characteristics of the electricity network. Traditionally, electricity networks are considered natural monopolies for various kinds of market failures coincide in this essential part of the electricity infrastructure. Technological induced complementarities between nodes and links are causing network externalities, economies of scale, a high degree of mono-functionality, collective good characteristics and an inherent tendency towards concentrated market structures.

It is argued that recent technological trends imply a dramatic change of the network economics, leading to possibilities of inter- and intra- network competition, as well as inter fuel competition. The possible implications for the regulatory framework of this sector are addressed. En aquest projecte s'estudia com pot encaixar Polygraph, un sistema de monitoratge per a xarxes tradicionals, dins les SDN. Software Defined- Networks SDN are a new tecnology that allows software components to add new functionalities on networks.

This project studies how Polygraph, a monitoring system for traditional networks , can fit in a SDN scenario. Methodology for the location diagnosis of electrical faults in electric power systems; Metodologia para el diagnostico de ubicacion de fallas en sistema electricos de potencia. The constant growth of the Electric Power Systems derived from the increase in the world-wide demand of energy, has brought as a consequence a greater complexity in the operation and control of the power nets.

One of the most affected tasks by this situation is the operation of electrical systems against the presence of faults, where the first task to realize is, on the part of the operational personnel of the network , the rapid fault site location within the system.

In the present paper the problem of the diagnose location of electrical faults in power systems is approached, from the point of view of the operators of the energy control centers of an electric company. The objective of this thesis work is to describe a methodology of operational analysis of protections, as a bases for the development of a system of diagnosis systems for faults location, that allows to consider the possible fault sites within the system as well as a justification of the operation of protections in face of a disturbance as a support to the operators of the Energy Control centers.

The methodology is designed to use different information types, discreet, continuous and controls. Nevertheless, in the development of the present stage of the proposed methodology use is made exclusively of the discreet information of the conditions of breakers and operation of relays, as well as of the connectivity of the network elements. The analysis methodology consists in determining the network elements where the fault could have occurred, using the protections coverage areas associated to the operated circuit breakers.

Later, these fault alternatives become ordained in descendent form of possibility using classification indexes and analyses based on fuzzy logic.

Una de las. Distributed control of deregulated electrical power networks. A prerequisite for reliable operation of electrical power networks is that supply and demand are balanced at all time, as efficient ways for storing large amounts of electrical energy are scarce. Balancing is challenging, however, due to the power system's dimensions and complexity, the low. The supply expansion of electricity in Brazilian urban centers through connected photovoltaic systems' network ; A expansao da oferta de energia eletrica nos centros urbanos brasileiros por meio de sistemas fotovoltaicos conectados a rede.

This paper aims to outline perspectives on the electricity production through Grid-Connected Photovoltaic Systems GCPS , in Brazil, and its insertion on a large scale in the energy matrix, as a supplementary power generation source.


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