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Page Count: Copyright 1 Getting Started 1. Onli ne Hel p. Huawei Proprietary and C. Online Hel p. All rights reserved. No part of t his docum ent m ay be reproduced or transm itted in any form or by a ny means wit hout prior w ritten. The product descr ibed i n this m anual m ay include copy righted softw are of Huaw ei Technologi es Co.

Custom ers sha ll not in any m anner reproduce, dis tribute, m odify , decom pile, dis assem ble,. Tradema rks an d Per mission s. Other tradem arks, product , serv ice and com pany nam es m entioned are t he property of their r espectiv e owners. Notic e. Some features of the product and it s accessories describe d herein re ly on the software installe d, capa cities and. Huawei T echnologie s Co. Imp ort a nd Expo rt Regula tio ns.

Customer s shall comply w ith all applicabl e export or import l aws and regulations and will obtain all neces sar y. Copyright Notic e. To view m ore details about the copy right notice of thi s product, please visi t UR L:.

Conte nts. Huawei Prop rietary and Confid ential. C arefully read the following safety symbols to help y ou use your. CPE safely and correctly:. A dditiona l information. Optional m ethods or shortcuts f o r an action. Potential pr oblem s or convent ions that need t o be specified. For optim um performance, m ake sure y our computer m e et s the following requirem en ts.

Item Require ment. Hard disk 50 MB available space. Display resolut ion x pixels or higher. Browser - Int ernet Explorer 7. Use a browser to l og in to the w eb management pa ge to confi gure and manage the CPE. The f ollowing procedure des cribes how to use a com puter running W indows XP and Internet. Explorer 7. Connect the C PE properly. Enter the user nam e and p assword , and click Log In.

You can log in to the web managem ent page after the p assword is verified. To protect y our CP E from u nauthorized ac cess, change t he password after y our first.

The CPE supports diagnost ic function. I f you encount er problems, please contact. Please change the d efault WiFi pass word as soon as poss ible. To ensure y our data safety , i t is recomm ended that you turn on the fi rewall, and. T o view the I nternet connection st atus, perform the following steps :.

T o view the net work data usage, perform the following s teps:. In the Internet Usage area, v iew the network data usage, i ncluding total tra ffic, uplink and. T o view the W i -Fi network connect ion status, per form the follow ing steps:.

In the Wi - F i Status area, view the following infor mation. B roadcast m ode, and W ireless Encrypt ion mode. V iew the statistics of th e Wi - Fi net work, including the to ta l traffic , packets, erroneous packets,. T o view the local area net work L AN conn ection status , per form the following st eps:. In the LA N Usage area, view the followi ng inform at ion. V iew the statistic s of the LAN , includ ing the total tra ffic , packets, errone ous packets, and.

T o view the an tenna status , perform the following steps:. In the Ante nna area, vi ew the antenna status. To view the basic product i nform ation, perform the f ollowing steps:. To view the d evice list , perform the fol lowing steps:. In t he Device List area, view the information a bout the dev ices, such as C omp u te r Name ,.

If a stati c IP. The setup wizard guides you to configure t he most im portant settings of the CPE. Afte r the. T o configure the CPE , perform the following steps:. Click Nex t to view and se t Internet conne ction par ameters. Click Nex t to view and se t Wi - Fi security - related parameters , such as Security. The display ed parameters vary depending on t he Security setting. For exampl e, if Security is. Click Nex t to view the settings y ou just configured.

Click Submit for the settings to t ake effect. This function en ables you to upgr ade the software v e rsion of the CPE to the latest version. T o perform a l ocal upgrade, perform the following s teps:. In the Local Up date area , c lic k B row se. In the di spla y ed dialog box, select the t arget software v ersion file.

Click Ope n. The dialog box cl oses. T he sav e path and name of the target soft ware vers ion file are. Click Up date. During an upgr ade, do not powe r o ff the CPE or disconnect it f rom the com puter. Click OK. The software up grade starts. Aft er the upgra de, the CPE aut omatically restart s and runs the.

T o perform a n online upgr ade suc cessfully , make sure the CPE is connected t o the Int ernet. T o perform a n online upgr ade , perform the fol lowing st eps:. Cli ck Check to detect the latest version. After updates are found, the CPE retains the se rver address and informs y ou if an y.

Th en Updates are found. Go to step 3. Updates are not found. T he upgrade e nds. Click Update to download the updates. After downloading t he updates, the CPE automatical l y upgrades and rest arts. A message is dis play ed , indicating that the upgrade is com ple te. Then, the login dialo g box is.

During an upgr ade, do not disconnect the power supply or operate the CPE. To s e lect a netw ork mode for the CPE , perfor m the f ollowing steps:. Power on the CPE, and then log in t o the web managem ent page as the adm in user. Set N etw o rk mod e to one of the followi ng values:.

Value Description. Auto The CPE autom atically selects i ts working mode, w ith an order of pr eference. Click Submit. T o select a net work connection m ode, perform the fol lowing steps:.


Huawei B593 User Manual

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Huawei B593 Manuals

Quick Links. Warnings and Precautions Before You Begin Getting to Know the CPE Connecting the CPE Configuration Requirements for the PC

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