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Teacher Roberta Budriesi. Credits 8. Language Italian. Course Timetable from Nov 15, to Dec 11, Course Timetable from Nov 21, to Dec 06, After completing this course the student has basic knowledge of instrumental analytical techniques applicable to the food sector. In particular, the student is able to: - understand, interpret, apply an experimental procedure for determining the composition or chemical and physical properties of a foodstuff.

Introduction to food chemistry. Costituents of foods: proteins, lipids, carbohydrates. Organoleptic characteristics. Additives, preservatives and dyes. Determination of ascorbic acid, sorbic acid and benzoic acid. Processing of parts and food storage. Sample preparation. Determination of food costituents.

Wine analysis. Oli analysis. Honey analysis. Conservazione e trasformazioni. Evangelisti F. Restani P. Prodotti dietetici.

Piccin The verification of learning tends to ascertain the achievement of the educational objectives of teaching, i. The test is carried out with the conduct of a practical laboratory test, carried out at the end of the single-seat exercises, and final oral examination. The practical test, with unlimited validity, is preparatory to the oral examination. Students, to whom the Council validates the signature of attendance acquired in the previous career, must pass the laboratory practice test before taking the oral test.

See the website of Roberta Budriesi. Search Search Close. People Structures Close. My e-mail for students My e-mail for staff Close. Facebook Twitter Linkedin Send to friend. Search Course unit catalogue. Course contents Introduction to food chemistry. Piccin Teaching methods Theoretical lectures and laboratory exercises Assessment methods The verification of learning tends to ascertain the achievement of the educational objectives of teaching, i.

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Chimica degli alimenti. Per gli Ist. Tecnici


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