Manual zz. All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted, in any form or by any means, electronic, mechanical, photocopy, recording, or otherwise without the prior written permission of Allworx Corp. Software in this product is Copyright Allworx Corp, a Windstream company, or its vendors. All rights are reserved.

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Manual zz. All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted, in any form or by any means, electronic, mechanical, photocopy, recording, or otherwise without the prior written permission of Allworx Corp. Software in this product is Copyright Allworx Corp, a Windstream company, or its vendors.

All rights are reserved. The software is protected by United States of America copyright laws and international treaty provisions applicable worldwide. Under such laws, the licensee is entitled to use the copy of the software incorporated with the instrument as intended in the operation of the product in which it is embedded.

The software may not be copied, decompiled, reverse-engineered, disassembled, or otherwise reduced to human-perceivable form. This is not the sale of the software or any copy of the software; all right, title, ownership of the software remains with Allworx or its vendors. A caution statement in this manual identifies a condition or practice, which if not corrected or discontinued immediately, could lead to equipment failure, equipment damage, or data loss.

The reader is expected to have a computer networking and basic telephony background and to have completed the Allworx Partner technical training. Therefore, not all the features or all the parameters of each feature are discussed here. This guide discusses only those features and parameters that require additional explanation beyond what is on the web pages. This manual applies to Allworx System Software Release 7. The following are additional documents related to Allworx server software release 7.

The servers differ in features and capabilities. Multi-user Available One user Inc. If the network settings are set to the factory defaults, connect to this interface: 1. Verify that the PC has an IP address on the It may be necessary to release and renew the IP address on the PC to get an address from the server. Click Start and type cmd in the Search field. A command window opens. This clears the current IP settings from the PC. This obtains a new IP address for the PC.

When the Welcome to Allworx page displays, log in using "admin" as the default username and password. Enable this feature by clicking the checkbox labeled Allow admin configuration on WAN interface on the Network Configuration page. Users perform these management tasks using the existing Allworx administration pages with access to the areas in which they have permission using their username and password.

The user permission setting does not enable this role to change the password of the Allworx Server Administrator. Note: To enable one user to have roles on different servers in a multi-site network, the Allworx Server Administrator must create separate user accounts for the user on each server, and then assign the roles on each server.

Use different usernames for each user account. To assign user roles: 1. Log into the server web page and enter the username and password. The roles page displays.

The Allworx Server Administrator sees a list of assigned users for that role. The Allworx Server Administrator can assign the role to any available system users. Select the user from the list, and do one of the following: 0.

Click the Assign Role button to assign the role to the user. The designated users have access to the administration functions that are included in the roles.

Click the Remove Role button to remove the user from the assigned role. After the Home page displays, click the Install Checklist link on the left side to bring up a new window that lists the steps necessary to set up a new system.

Each step has a description followed by a link to the Web Admin page to execute the step. These steps are ordered to aid in a successful configuration. Most of the administrative pages for each step contain all the descriptions and help necessary to carry out the step.

Use this guide to supplement the information on the web pages, when necessary. NTP is the preferred setting, if the server has internet access. To set the time: 1. Click the modify link in the Action column.

The Time page displays. Click the radio button to: a. Use NTP to set time automatically. In the Poll Period, specify the number of minutes between polls. Set time manually - specify the time in hours, minutes, seconds, and date in the respective fields. Go to the Time Zone section and select the appropriate time zone from the drop-down list.

Check the Automatically adjust clock for Daylight Saving Time box underneath the selected time zone to enable the system to update the time automatically. Click the Set Time button to save changes. Entering the Business Contact Information is optional. To add or modify the contact information: 1. The Contact Information page displays. Click the Modify link. If you make a mistake, click the Start Over button to reset the fields to the original settings.

Click Update to save changes. Newly purchased or existing keys issued for a specific Allworx server automatically download from the online Allworx key database. To install the Feature Keys via the internet: 1. The Feature Keys page displays. Click Install. No user expansion is possible on 6x12 servers.

These options do not require downloading any additional software, unless otherwise specified. These calls will ring the phones of any designated users available to service the calls. Automatic Call Distribution Directs calls in a queue to agents using a variety of call distribution algorithms. This key also enables the method described for the Call Queuing key. If installing the Automatic Call Distribution feature key, the Call Queuing feature key is not required.

This feature is not available for 6x12 servers. The Allworx Call Assistant is a PC-based answering system, which brings the power of enterprise attendant consoles directly to small business.

Use an Allworx phone with this software and additional software is required. Note: TSP Telephony Service Provider is a separate PC driver that enables dialing from within contact management software, such as Microsoft Outlook Conference Center Provides conference bridges, a method of reserving the conference nodes for immediate or future use, and offers password-restricted access for attendees.

This option does not require downloading any additional software. Obtain this key through the Allworx Partner Portal. Mobile Link Enable interaction between the Allworx system and iAllworx. Language Packs containing the audio prompts in languages other than US English are available for download from the Allworx Partner Portal at www. Multi-Site Primary Provide the ability to integrate multiple sites seamlessly.

The Primary key designates the Controller site for the network. At least one site in the network must have a Multi-site Primary key. More than one site can have a primary key. Multi-Site Branch Provide the ability to integrate seamlessly multiple sites. The Branch key enables sites to join a network of sites but not configured as the controller site. Software Upgrade Enable system software updates. Without this key, only patch updates to the currently loaded release are available.

This key is not required for opening a single-user remote diagnostic VPN. This does not include the license for the first T1. You must install T1 license 1 in order to activate the T1 2. Note: Feature Keys activate features only on the Allworx server for which they are generated. Therefore, Feature Keys generated for one system cannot be used on any other system.

Reach Order Feature key licenses in increments of 1, 5, and 10, and the feature counts are additive. Installing multiple keys for the same or different feature count adds licenses to the server. Once Reach licenses are active on a server, the Allworx Server Administrator can configure users to claim licenses on a first come, first server basis.

Each server enables use of a single instance of Reach license is active on a server, a user can reserve a license or use an instance of that license on a first come, first serve basis via administration programming. Each installation of system release 7. Generic SIP handsets that exist in the system prior to the 7.

Multi-site networks will cease functioning until completing the server updates, procuring and installing the new keys, and doing additional configurations on each site.


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Allworx has been on the front lines of business communications systems facilitating remote work for about 20 years — and for many business users, Interact Softphone is the ultimate breakthrough to complete mobility. Allworx is in the front lines of business communications systems thatfacilitate remote work by employees. Multiple versions of Allworx System Software are vulnerable to an exploit allowing unauthorized access to certain data residing on the server. Play Video.


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