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Log in or Sign up. Messages: 2, Location: Bay Area. I just cannot find 2SC I looked and there's no equivalent. Any suggestion of a place to buy? Or equivalent? Alan , Jul 13, Messages: 1, Location: Dallas. Quest Components. FootFungus , Jul 13, Messages: 3, Location: North Carolina.

Deleted my post after looking up the Power rating. Alan likes this. I need to mount onto the heatsink for temp compensation of Vbe with the opposite transistor. My mind was stuck with TO that I have been using. But there is nothing stopping me using a TO They are over V, MHz and like less than 3pF capacitance. I already have plenty of them, dirt cheap. I am going to try them. Your post might be the very post I need!!!!

If this work out. I still need to check how well the thermal compensation is. Messages: 4, Location: Mass. Edit check shows none in stock Thanks Steve, I did not solve the problem. This is old age you younger people have to look forward to. I gone through this 3 years ago when I choose the transistors, because it's a folded 3EF, the Vbe value is very important. I need as low Vbe voltage as possible to make the bias spreader work. That's the reason I chose a big TO as the first stage pre-driver that only need to drive 10mA.

But this still give me a route to take a look at what TO on the market that has low Vbe Both Digikey and Mouser don't carry 2SC in stock as it's obsolete. Just have to buy some and try. But at the same time, I still want to look at 2SC and 2SA, they are proven in my boards already. Last edited: Jul 13, I immediate ordered of them. I am good on the 2SA for life already!!!!

I can even afford to spare a few. I have a feeling these two are very popular, they had tons of them not too long ago selling everywhere. Toshiba was the sole source of these, Toshiba decided not to make them anymore, then Sanken must have bought the license and start manufacturing them.

This period of time is where Toshiba ones ran out and Sanken has not pick up full steam yet. That causes the shortage. Just a few months ago, Sanken was never in the picture when I did the search. It is news to me that Sanken is making 2SA a few days ago. Believe me, I check on stuffs very often. Ha ha, last year I was actually considered using this pair as output transistors. Using like 25 pairs to get the power up!!! Then I can take advantage of the high fT for higher bandwidth, better stability and lower distortion.

I decided against this as it's too much work to drill that many holes on the heatsink and too much stuffs on the pcb. Alan , Jul 14, Mouser shows you can order them. FootFungus , Jul 14, You must log in or sign up to reply here. Show Ignored Content. Share This Page Tweet.

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A1930 2SA1930. Datasheet pdf. Equivalent

These seems very hard to get now What do you use as replacements? Thanks in advance. Find More Posts by Jan Dupont. Find More Posts by syn


2SA1930 Datasheet, Equivalent, Cross Reference Search


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